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Published in Daily News on June 19, 2017

Pre bid meeting- 14:00 hrs (2.00 p.m) – July 04, 2017

Deadline for Submission of Bids 15:00 hours on July 13, 2017.

Video Conferencing Facilities to the Ministries and Government Institutions – Phase I – ICTA/GOSL/IS/NCB/2016/84


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Published in Daily News on June 15, 2017 and June 20, 2017

Pre bid meeting-  1400 hrs (2.00 p.m) – July 05, 2017

Deadline for submission of Bids before 1500 hrs (3.00 p.m.) on July 27, 2017

Procuring PC’s for File Sharing & Proxy Servers – Lanka Government Information Infrastructure (LGII).(IFB No: ICTA/SG2/GOSL/GOODS/NCB/2017/004)

Invitation Letter 

Bidding Document

Published in Daily News on June 13, 2017
Pre bid meeting- 15:00 hrs (3.00 p.m) – June 20, 2017
Deadline for Submission of Bids  15:00 hours on July 04, 2017.

Procurement of Event Management Services for Cyber Security Week 2017 – ICTA/GOSL/SER/NCB/SLCERT/2017/15


Bidding Document

Published in Daily News on June 13, 2017 and June 15, 2017

Pre bid meeting-  1400 hrs (2.00 p.m) – June 23, 2017

Deadline for submission of Bids before 1500 hrs (3.00 p.m.) on July 05, 2017

ICTA led Sri Lankan ICT delegation successfully exhibit and explore opportunities at Connect EXPO, Melbourne 2017


Ten companies, led by ICT Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) in association with the Sri Lankan ICT industry patronized and exhibited under the Sri Lankan IT-BPM Destination pavilion at the Connect Expo 2017, Australia’s fastest growing business technology event in Melbourne. The mission included obtaining first-hand knowledge on the market demands, evolving technologies, knowledge sharing in the form of taking part in the round table sessions, conference and taking part & exhibiting at the event. Pre-scheduled one-to-one business meetings took place through the event business matchmaking portal and further the delegates engaged in a networking session hosted by the State Department of Victoria with potential clients.

Representatives from companies such as Acecam (Pvt) Ltd, Arimac Lanka, Data Management Systems (Pvt) Ltd, Eyepax IT Consulting (Pvt) Ltd, Genesiis Software (Pvt) Ltd, Orion Development Pty. Ltd, Pixel Clear (Pvt) Ltd, Silverleap Technology Private Limited, Softcodeit Solutions (Pvt) Ltd and Talliance (Pvt) Ltd joined the delegation. For more information about the mission please visit

ICTA conducted 02 seminar theatre sessions during the event to enhance the country brand awareness in the Australian market via pitching Sri Lanka as a destination to invest as well as source IT and knowledge process management services from an agile as well as a cost competitive destination like Sri Lanka. The sessions directly attracted 85 participants and created awareness why and how Sri Lanka supports SME’s in Australia and globally in their digital transformation journey.

ICTA is prominently giving leadership to the Sri Lankan ICT industry in achieving the overall national IT/BPM goals of reaching USD 5 billion in export revenue and a workforce of 200,000 by 2022.
Sri Lanka and the ICT industry is ranked among the top 15 offshore destinations for delivering IT, BPM and other knowledge services by the prestigious international consultancy firm ATKEARNEY and Ranked among the 6 Primary Countries in Asia Pacific by Gartner.

Over the last five years ICTA has initiated, given leadership and facilitated over 25 business promotion activities to promote international exposure for the domestic ICT Industry, which includes over 70 unique companies. These activities have been identified by ICTA based on its adequate research (conducted in-house) followed by the endorsement / recommendations given by partners and the interest expressed by the local industry to the EOI requests. ICTA’s facilitation process include a transparent selection of participants, a comprehensive training to prepare the delegates for the mission which has supported the participants to improve their market entry/ development strategy along with their marketing collaterals as a result of the learning, funded and coordinated national pavilions and networking sessions for local companies to exhibit and network with potential business counterparts in designated countries.

The delegation that took part in the Connect EXPO 2017, as an average had 20-25 initial business contacts out of which 5-10 potential business leads each. ICTA will also support the local companies to mediate further discussions with the potential leads and to ensure that sustainability and successful business and corporation is achieved as a result of the mission.

Quality Coder 2017v1.0

With the goal to position Sri Lanka as a country outputting code of high quality – Quality Coder 2017v1.0 was held on the three consecutive days 5th, 6th & 7th of May at the Trace Expert City, Maradana.

This program is directed to catering the common issue among the Sri Lankan IT industry where high paid experienced individuals are forced to fix mundane errors in code or send it back and forth to ensure the code is of high quality when working with employees with less than 3 years of experience.

Large IT Organizations have their own ways of overcoming these issues which can be through workshops conducted within the organizations. While larger organizations have the resources to ensure the employees maintain standards it is harder for the smaller organizations to share this knowledge effectively due the lack in resources.

According to various parties we have worked with, Code Quality Standards should be taught from the start therefore the universities will output developers who are highly employable and ready to hit the ground running. If this was the case organizations will have much of a less burden in getting the new employees used to the industries standards and ensure they develop code which is easy to work with.

Quality Coder will be a mechanism to short circuit the 3 odd years that an employee will take to learn the art of coding maintainable code. Students that learn software do not see the importance of Code Quality until they experience the industry and working with bad code. While the education system focuses on assignments and projects the students won’t see the importance of the Code Quality. Through this three-day program participants are to experience a simulated workplace environment where there will be multiple people working on single software, experience realistic change requests, update patches etc.

Quality Coder aims on short circuiting the above mentioned 3 years by getting university students to experience working in the industry. The above mentioned simulated environment will ensure that the participants see the importance of having Quality Code and how easy it will make their day to day software development.

Key Individuals from Zone24x7, CakeLabs, Virtusa|Polaris, 99xTechnology, iTelaSoft, WSO2 & Tiqri together gave us their support and expertise in developing the curriculum and planning out the program. These organizations also contributed their top employees to come in as speakers and mentors to guide the participants toward a career with quality code.

The speakers for the program were as follows;
Amila De Silva – Technical Architect – 99xTechnology
Chamil Jeewantha – Associate Software Architect – Zone24x7
Chatura Dilan – Associate Tech Lead – WSO2
Lasitha Dahanayake – Chief Software Architect – iTelaSoft
Niruka Ruhunge – Associate Solutions Architect – ExileSoft
Ruwan Wijesinghe – Associate Director Technology – Virtusa Polaris
Subhash Vithanapathirana – Software Architect – CakeLabs

This curriculum is meant to be packaged and given out to all willing parties to share the content with potential beneficiaries. It can be conducted by organizations for their new recruits, by universities to their final year students, by associations as a program in a hackathon kind of structure, etc.

The first program was conducted for 50 participants and the next will be aimed for 100 participants. Which ICTA aims to conduct within the course of 4 months.






‘Youn Puraya’ The City of Youth – 2017

Motivating young people to contribute to the National Development Process and to provide them with the needed skills, ‘Yowun Puraya 2017’, leadership & outward-bound training program organized by the Ministry of National Policies & Economic Affairs and the National Youth Services Council, was held at Mechaizer outdoor stadium, Trincomalee for 05 consecutive days. The program was held from the 29th of May to the 02nd of April 2017.

With the participation of 5500 National Youth Council Members, 200 other Youth Associations, 200 School Prefects and 100 foreign youth, more than 6000 youth from all the over the island was benefited by this year’s Yowun Puraya program.

The program included various activities, sessions, exhibitions, and training programs. The main objectives of the program were to build relationships, reconciliation and bilateral agreement among Sri Lankan youth and share their experience with each other, to share knowledge and experience with foreign youth on the topics of youth development in order to develop mutual understanding among Sri Lankan Youth. Various group work activities on education, sports, cultural and entertainment took place to initiate conversations on national development among the participant’sand get their ideas and suggestions on issues and places of improvement.

With the request from Ministry of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure to organize an awareness program for youth, ICTA – Industry Development Programme with other 03 ICTA Initiatives; SMART Social Circle, SL-CERT (Computing Security), Coding in School, conducted sessions focusing on specific objectives. Some of the topics covered include awareness and training programmes, youth involvement as knowledge agents of the SMART Social Circle initiative, Special capacity building/awareness programmes and training forums on digital technologies. Additionally, for the participants, a career guidance was conducted. The Industry Development Program was able to disseminate their knowledge with 500+ youth in four main areas; New Technology Age, Entrepreneurship, Freelancing & Online Jobs and Ideation. These topics will be highly valuable as they will prepare the next generation of youth for the future.

Pic 1 - The opening ceremony of ‘Yovunpuraya-2017’ via

The opening ceremony of ‘Yovunpuraya-2017’ via

Pic 2 - via


Pic 5 - Sessions by Industry Development Programme, ICTA (

Sessions by Industry Development Programme, ICTA

Pic 4 - Sessions by Industry Development Programme, ICTA (3)

Sessions by Industry Development Programme, ICTA

Pic 3 - Sessions by Industry Development Programme, ICTA (1)

Sessions by Industry Development Programme, ICTA

4YFN / MWC 2017 in Barcelona

2017 was another record-breaking year for the Mobile World Congress and 4YFN. There were over 100,000 attendees from more than 204 countries. More than 2,300 companies participated in this highly regarded.
This year it was all about the future as the main interest areas were
everything from connected cars, virtual reality, new handsets and ingenious app ideas, to 3D printing, privacy protection, and backend solutions were on display. 322 speakers from leading brands, mobile organizations, investors and booming startups were present.

MWC is the epicenter for innovation! Startups and the most cutting-edge companies exhibit their latest products and services, and they all have one thing in common; a devotion and interest for innovation. This is a perfect place to discover latest mobile insight from the mobile leaders and to discover breathtaking projects from every continent of the globe.

Also, participating at 4YFN were 10 Sri Lankan startups facilitated by the Spiralation program of the ICT Agency of Sri Lanka. Arimac Lanka, LiveRoom, HypeHash / PickFi, PayMedia, NicNac, My Thesis, Effective Solutions and SenzMate were selected by ICTA through an application and evaluation process to exhibit and participate in the event.


Sri Lankan Startup Delegation at 4YFN 2017  | Pic via Spiralation Facebook Page

The startups were able to network with potential clients, probable investors, future partners and also talk to people to validate their ideas and improve their offerings. Further, the participants were also able to take part in various workshops and listen to the vast amount of speakers talk on various related topics.

The entire event proved to highly useful all the participants, many of them had encounters with people that would help them grow their businesses in various ways. Some startups have already forged partnerships and started discussions with potential clients before they returned to Sri Lanka after the mission.

The Spiralation Tech Startup Support Program by the ICT Agency of Sri Lanka provides various types of support for technology entrepreneurs and early stage technology-related companies for developing their start-ups. The program includes but not limited to seed funding, training sessions, networking sessions, business promotion opportunities locally and internationally, encouragement programs, hackathons, etc. The aim of Spiralation is to promote, encourage and support technology-related entrepreneurship and innovation within Sri Lanka.

If you are a startup in Sri Lanka and would like to be notified about future opportunities available through Spiralation and ICTA, please visit and add your details to the Sri Lanka Startup Database. You can also join us on our Facebook page at to keep yourself updated on the latest in the Sri Lankan startup scene.