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SLS 1134 : 2004 (Sinhala ICT standard)

Sri Lanka Sinhala Character Code for Information Interchange, SLS 1134 : 2004

 The second revision of the Sinhala ICT Standard was standardized by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution in 2004 as the as the Sri Lanka Sinhala Character Code for Information Interchange, SLS 1134 : 2004.  The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has included the Sinhala Character Code for Information Interchange, in the standard Information technology-Universal multiple-octet coded character set, ISO/IEC 10646-1.

 This second revision of SLS 1134 provides coding of the set of Sinhala characters for use in ICT, specifications for the code sequences and keyboard sequences. It also provides a revised keyboard layout, based on the layout in the original version of this standard, which in turn is based on the Wijesekara typewriter keyboard. This revision retains compliancy with ISO/IEC 10646-1.

 SLS 1134, Part 1, Sinhala Collation Sequence

 Sinhala collation is based on the order of Indic letters derived from Sanskrit, but has evolved its own conventions over the years. The dictionaries and other reference works which have been published since the 19th Century agree on the basic Sinhala collation sequence, but disagree in details.

 ICTA’s Local Languages Working Group noted that there were a number of issues regarding the collation sequence of Sinhala that needed to be clarified.

 Consequently, ICTA requested the University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC) to research the issue of Sinhala collation and recommend a suitable collation algorithm. UCSC subsequently submitted a report on the issue. ICTA studied the report and recommended that both a dictionary collation sequence for use in compiling dictionaries and other scholarly works and a simple collation sequence for use in data processing and other activities on lists of personal and other names be defined.

 The dictionary collation sequence:

 The dictionary collation is the canonical collation order, and should be used when correct collation, based on the linguistic derivation of Sinhala, is required, e.g. for a dictionary. This is recommended for use in scholarly and academic activities.

 The simple collation sequence:

 The simple collation is to be used for preparing lists of names, places, etc. and will produce identical results as the dictionary collation sequence when collating personal names, place names and other common data.  This algorithm is both easier to implement, thus encouraging vendors to support Sinhala in their products, and produces a result which will not confuse a naive user, who is not aware of the subtleties of the language.

 The two collations will produce different results only between words with the letters ජ්‍ය or ඣ and the letter ඥ in a given position.

 SLS 1134, Part 2, Requirements and Method of Test.

 Companies have created Sinhala “packs”, keyboards, keyboard drivers, Unicode compatible fonts, which they claim are compatible with the standard.  Conversely there are numerous requests from organizations on recommendations for the above products.

 Therefore a standard was defined to test that products conform to SLS 1134 : 2004, so that these could be given SLS certification.  This standard – i.e. Part 2 of SLS 1134 : 2004 - defines the products to be tested, the test criteria and the test method.  The scope of this standard is for computers only.


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Download this file (658_SLS 1134.pdf)SLS 1134 : 2004Sri Lanka Standard Sinhala Character Code for Information Interchange 841 Kb
Download this file (658_SLS 1134- Part 1.pdf)SLS 1134, Part 1 - Collation sequence  1150 Kb
Download this file (658_SLS 1134-Part2.pdf)SLS 1134, Part 2 - Requirements and Methods of Test  360 Kb
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