Government Printer On-line


Government Printer On-line
Implemented By : ICTA

Background :   

The Department of Government Printing is a key source of Government information. Gazettes, Bills, the Hansard, Government and semi-Government tenders and Public Administration Circulars are available on the intranet of the Department of Government Printing, in Sinhala, Tamil and English.

The site of the Department of Government Printing can be accessed only via an intranet and the site is not available on the Internet.


Access the sites and and via the Internet.

On gazettes, Bills, Acts, the Hansard and Government and semi-Government circulars will be available.

On tender forms would be available and also full technical specifications on tenders would be available The availability of these document on would ensure that people living in areas far away from Colombo would not find it necessary to arrive in Colombo to collect these documents. This fact, together with a payment mechanism, would facilitate people living in Colombo too.

The University of Colombo , School of Computing is providing the specifications for the web-designs and Quality Control over the project.