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Policy Leadership and Institutional Development New web portal to attract Sri Lankan mobile application developers

New web portal to attract Sri Lankan mobile application developers

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Mobile application developers in Sri Lanka will now have the kind of space they were looking for in the form of a new web portal that is being launched for the development of this new area that gaining increased momentum worldwide.

This will be taking place together with the country’s first ever South Asian Conference and Workshop scheduled for 10 and 11 June on mobile content set to be beneficial to the daily lives of people. The keynote speaker at the event will be the founder of Mobile Monday Jari Tammisto with resource persons from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh set to address the conference.

Aimed at attracting the growing application developers from the tech savvy population for the mobile content market, an award scheme is organised alongside to recognise the best applications for mobile use for which over 200 applications have been received for the mBillionth Award South Asia 2010.

With mobile phone usage is playing a significant role in the daily lives of people, ICT and its associated sectors have an important space as they are set to drive development forward in Sri Lanka, Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) COO Reshan Dewapura said yesterday. He was addressing the media at the Taj in Colombo to announce the launch of the award, conference and workshop set to take place this month.

He noted that within a space of 12 months the number of mobile users will cross the billionth mark with neighbouring India said to be amassing 1.26 billion mobile users by 2014.

Etisalat Sri Lanka CEO Dumindra Ratnayaka said that currently with mobile applications being the most sought after applications; however, only a few are used and developed. “But there’s a large community who are getting into mobile application and what we want is for people to open up,” he said.

In this respect, Etisalat in partnership with the hSenid mobile will be will be powering the first Mobile Application Developer Portal in Sri Lanka.

This will provide an opportunity for application developers to develop their talents — without having to go through a complex system — with the use of the new web portal that will be launched.

It was stated that one of the aims of this web portal is to ensure that there will also be over 1000s of applications at next year’s mBillionth award from Sri Lanka.

Currently most of the highly penetrated value added services are offered on mobile applications in addition to others such as forex information, breaking news alerts to cricket updates that are limited to a few. However, the opportunities for mobile applications are immense starting from very simple applications to complex ones. It is high time that application development is promoted by opening the door to anyone who is interested in this sphere.
A workshop will be conducted to all that will ensure these developers will be able to gain the required knowledge and engage in developing creative mobile content for public use.

Through this web portal the two networks of Etisalat and hSenid will be able to take this to their respective regions and market it thereby bringing in revenue 70% of which will be given to the developer.

Such sharing of revenue is carried out with the aim of involving increased use of mobile applications that are set to revolutionise the way people use mobile phones in the future in Sri Lanka.

hSenid CEO Dinesh Saparamadu said that the portal will enable not only sophisticated developers but also garage developers to come to the fore and engage in developing applications in their part time.

This will be launched not only in Colombo but also in rural Sri Lanka, he pointed out adding that the workshop scheduled for 11 June will focus on coaching and training developers to work on this platform.

The potential in Sri Lanka for mobile application development is huge with the capability of competing with their Indian and Bangladeshi counterparts in the region due to the high technically creative talent available here, Dewapura stated.

Caption: Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) COO Reshan Dewapura (second from left) at the media briefing yesterday to announce the launch of the new portal and the South Asia Mobile Conference and Workshop. Others from left are ICTA Senior Programme Head Mrs. Chitranganie Mubarak, Etisalat Sri Lanka CEO Dumindra Ratnayaka and hSenid Mobile CEO Dinesh Saparamadu. Pic by Upul Abeysekara

By Sunimalee Dias

This article appears in the FT of today (01.06.2010)


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