Investment and Private Sector Development IT enabled Services (ITeS)

IT enabled Services (ITeS)

ඊ-තැපැල මුද්‍රණය

Create the enabling environment to ensure a thriving ITeS industry in Sri Lanka.

For the ITeS industry to grow, some of the key enablers identified are infrastructure, human resources and cost of utilities. This project will seek to work in conjunction with the rest of government to address the broader issues relating to infrastructure and cost of utilities. However, initial concentration of activities will be to enlarge and ensure a quality workforce to service this growing industry. In this respect, a concerted awareness campaign has been launched to educate school leavers, parents, and teachers on the careers available within the ITeS industry.

In parallel to this project, an ITeS training project will be facilitated by ICTA. This project falls under Programme 4 of ICTA – ICT Human Resources Capacity Building.

Target Group

  •     International companies looking to outsource their operations
  •     School leavers
  •     Part-time students
  •     Parents
  •     Teachers

Project Results

  •    A larger and more qualified workforce to service the industry
  •    More local and overseas companies setting up their outsourcing operations in Sri Lanka
  •    Project Benefits
  •    Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) coming into Sri Lanka, propelling growth and equity
  •    Local companies becoming more profitable
  •    Retaining local talent in Sri Lanka and creating greater employment opportunities

Success Stories of Sri Lankan ICT Industry
The Sri Lankan ICT sector has come along way. Receiving numerous awards in recognition of quality, many Sri Lankan companies have shone brightly in global settings specially in the recent past. Here are a few of those stories…

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ICTA goes one-on-one with the ICT Private Sector
ICTA firmly believes that the development of the Nation cannot take place without the participation of all sectors and considers the private sector an important partner in progress. In order to have meaningful dialog on how e-Sri Lanka can be achieved through the active participation of the ICT industry, ICTA is committed to hold quarterly meetings with the ICT Private sector.

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