Investment and Private Sector Development ICTA Offers US$60 reimbursement on Microsoft, SunJava,Oracle, Linux,IBM Exams …..
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ICTA Offers US$60 reimbursement on Microsoft, SunJava,Oracle, Linux,IBM Exams …..
The ICT Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) through its ICT Capacity Building Program (ICBP) is embarking on an initiative to create a qualified and certified workforce for the ICT industry in Sri Lanka.

One of the main constraints limiting the growth of the local industry is the lack of a suitably qualified workforce. In this regard, a committee comprising of ICT industry representatives along with ICTA identified some key entry level certifications that they believe would have a significant impact in overcoming this constraint.

According to this scheme, a student can go through a selected industry certification and reimburse the expenses. ICTA defines the certifications applicable for this program. A student can be any person who would like to learn an applicable technology and get themselves certified through an industry standard examination.

Objective of this program is to enable Sri Lankan workforce with certifications that are globally reputed and accepted. Certifications from following technology vendors are currently applicable for this program. (i.e. Microsoft Certifications, Sun Java Certifications, SUN server Certifications, CISCO Certifications, Linux, Oracle Certification, IBM Certification, Juniper Certifications, Checkpoint Certifications, Blue Coat Certification, CISSP Certification etc.)

Value of Grant
To support this objective, the grant intends to cover the certification cost up to USD 60. If the actual certification cost is less than USD60, then the certification cost will be the amount that would be paid.
The grant scheme will be open only until the 30th June 2009

Huge Job Opportunities
Demand for Information Technology professionals are growing worldwide at an unprecedented rate. IT is fast becoming one of the most exciting career options available around the world. Over the last 3 years the number of IT professionals entered the IT industry in Sri Lanka has grown over 20%. And with the ever increasing worldwide demand for IT services, a career in IT will remain one of the most rewarding careers for the years to come. The opportunities for career advancement, self development and financial reward in the IT industry are excellent.

Large Number of Job Opportunity
On the topic of employment, though there are at least 11,000 vacancies in the local IT Market only 2,500 positions have been filled. While many people face the problem of Sri Lankan qualifications being inadequate for foreign jobs, Microsoft Certifications, Sun Java Certifications, SUN server Certifications, CISCO Certifications, Linux, Oracle Certifications are internationally recognized qualification and puts the recipient on par with any other qualified individual. 'These certifications are usually seen in the upper end of companies in the "east and west" emphasizing the importance of exposing Asians to this qualification as well.

Higher Salaries
Those who are interested to choose vender Certifications such as Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, SunJava Certification will be eligible to sit for online exams through Prometric Testing Centre. Typical Job Titles would be Systems Engineers, Software Leads, Software Developers, Technical Support Engineer, Systems Analyst, Network Analyst, Technical Consultant in the industry. This qualification would enable the student to find enormous job opportunities in the Industry, starting salary per month at Rs.30,000/- as they gain 3 - 4 years experience, it is not uncommon to earn a salary of over Rs.120,000/- per month, where as the other professional and degrees courses takes 2 - 4 years period to complete with lesser earning potential in a more competitive job market. Vendor Certification bridging the information gap IT professionals in ICT industry in the Country.

Luciana Maurene Anthony
Marketing Manager
NetAssist International (Pvt)Ltd
011237345-6, 0777 631691.

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