Investment and Private Sector Development ICTA To Engage Private Sector At Sixth Quarterly Forum

ICTA To Engage Private Sector At Sixth Quarterly Forum

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15th June 2006

Under the ICT Investment and Private Sector Development programme, ICTA has made it a point to engage the private sector industry on a quarterly basis apart from the various other events and briefings that it organizes from time to time. The private sector seminars aim to help the industry stay abreast of the developments taking place within the Agency and provide them with information on what is to be expected from the Agency over the approaching quarter. The seminars have also provided participants a much appreciated open air forum to discuss their views and offer constructive feedback that the Agency uses to improve its activities and fine tune programme approaches. This was expressed by Fayaz Hudah the Programme Manager of ICTA at a recent press briefing.

The growing number of participants at each seminar is an indication of the Agency’s success in engaging the private sector. The last seminar held in March 2006 saw 110 registrations. In line with the programme’s objective of developing the domestic ICT sector in Sri Lanka, these seminars are emerging as a consistent and beneficial community of practice between the Agency and private sector.

The next ICTA private sector seminar will be held on the 29th of June, 2006 at 3.30pm at the BMICH. All those who are interested in participating are encouraged to contact any ICT related trade association for more details. Registration for the event is available online at:


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