Investment and Private Sector Development Registration Questionnaire

Registration Questionnaire

ඊ-තැපැල මුද්‍රණය


About the ICBP registration form:


The main purpose of this mandatory registration is to streamline the grants application process for the ICBP in order to minimise the documentation burden for private sector companies applying for various grants.

Upon submitting this registration form, you will be provided with an ID to login to the ICBP website, and most importantly, a registration number which you will require when applying for grants.

This will eliminate the hassle of submitting company information along with every grant application. The registration form will gather information that will enable ICTA and its stakeholders to better understand the ICT industry in Sri Lanka, with the objective of helping improve it by boosting operations and opening new markets. This questionnaire intends to gather information in four basic fields:- Applicant Profile, Revenue, Markets and Labour. Only aggregate or average information from a large sample of firms will be published and ICTA, together with PricewaterhouseCoopers guarantees confidentiality for all information provided in completing the registration form. The results will be provided directly to you and will enable you to benchmark your business and the industry against domestic and international competitors. This information could be crucial towards improving the industry climate so that businesses can expand and their employees prosper.

Who can participate:

The registration can be filled out by administrative/accounting staff and should be reviewed and certified by the CEO/Owner/Manager prior to submission.


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