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Sri Sambuddaloka Temple
Sadunpura, Dehiaththakandiya





Rural school children and school leavers

Ampara District, Dehiattakandiya

Establishing an e – education centre. The centre will facilitate access to information on school assignments and provide for English learning through ICT.

Project completed. E-Learning center established and operating successfully. Computer and English training provided.

Mathula Rajamaha Temple

Mathula, Giradukotte

School Children

Badulla district,  Rathkinda, Mahiyanganaya

Establishing an e-learning centre to enhance the education of children especially in English and ICT. It is believed that the project will be able to effectively transform traditional teaching patterns.

Project completed.  E-Learning center established and operating successfully. Facilities for e-learning provided for English, Maths, Science and IT.

Swarnadeepa Foundation

Induragara, Doonagaha

School children and youth

Gampaha District, Divulapitiya

Establishing a centre for teaching English through ICT and prepare school leavers for job market.

Project completed.  E-Learning center established and operating successfully with plans of expansion. IT literacy in the area has increased approx 30% through the project.

Sarvodaya Shramadhana Society- Thalgahapoththa

Thalgahapoththa, Ammanamulla



Kurunegala District, Udabaddawa.

Establishing an Agricultural information centre facilitating market linkages and access to market prices, modern farming techniques, and best inputs.

Prototype of agriculture information website complete. Data collection for the website is completed.


Sarvodaya Shramadhana Society- Meegahapitiya


Rural community

Monragala District, Meegahapitiya

Establishing an e-learning center

Project activities ongoing

People Company
Pahala Ellewewa



Polonnaruwa District,

Pahala Ellewewa

Establishing an Agricultural information centre, facilitating buyer linkages and access to information on agricultural inputs

Content CDs on agriculture related subjects completed.

VSHLI Federation- Pulathisi Maha Sangamaya Polonnaruwa

School children

Polonnaruwa District. Thamankaduwa, Dimbulagal, Welikanda, Hingurakgoda and Medirigiriya

Developing an information network among 10 villages

Awareness workshop conducted. Prototype completed. Currently collecting data.

Pasan Nenasala

Rural school children

Hambantota, Galle, Matara and Moneragala

An on line quiz competition focusing largely on general knowledge with a view to create awareness and interest in ICT

Project complete. An online quiz programme was conducted amongst 25 Nenasala in 3 districts.

Thalpotha Nenasala

Rural/ remote communities

Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa Districts.

Local Language Content Initiative in order to develop web content in the Sinhala Language

Local language training provided to task team of representatives of 07 nenasalas. Training provided by the task team to community.

Praja-Swashakthi Wardana Foundation

General population


Income generating tourist information centre to provide information on the area’s historical heritage

Website on archeological information complete.
Translation of 10 Puskola Poth complete. Project completed.

Irusara Computer Society

Rural/ remote communities


Establishing an e-education centre

Project completed. Training ongoing. Teaching software prepared.
CD on A/L practical’s complete. Question papers for O/L and A/L developed

"Aruna" Computer Society

School children/ Youth

Monaragala District


Establishing an e- education centre and conducting programs for school children and youth



Project completed. Website developed for English learning ( and specifically for kids (


Shakthi Mithrathwa Padanama



Establishing an agricultural information centre to provide market information

Project completed. Website developed. . Producer information has been uploaded to the site.

Surakum Foundation



Establishing a special education centre for disabled people in the area.

Project completed. Center established and services provided are being to disabled chidlren.

"Wana Arana" Environment & Social Development Foundation

General population


Providing information in order to popularize indigenous crops

Project completed. Content collected and workshops held.

Human Rights Community Educational Center (H.R.C.E.C)

School children


Establishing an e-learning centre for low skilled children

Development of the draft e-learning CD for slow learners completed. Project completed.

Monaragala Integrated Development Organization



Establishing a centre to provide market information

Training workshops using agricultural CDs completed. Project completed.

Social Development Cooperative foundation

School children


Establishing an e-education centre

Project on hold.

"Mihikatha Mithuro" Environment study & Development Society

General population


Establishing an e-channeling centre

Project completed. Awareness program held on health issues.

Over 170 appointments made for channeling medical services/ consultations.

Sabaragamuwa Community Development Foundation


Rathnapura District

Establishing an agricultural information centre

Website developed. Collection of information is complete, uploading of information ongoing.

Sabaragamuwa Peoples Forum


Rathnapura District

Establishing an e – marketing network.

Project completed. Prices of spices being updated on the crop database.

Peoples Development Foundation


Rathnapura District Indigolla

Establishing an e – marketing network.


Website developed  -
10 workshops completed for kithul producers. Project completed.

70 Kotasa Sarvodaya Shramadana Society

School children


Establishing an e-education centre

Training ongoing. Project progress slow due to lack of community capacity.

Walaswewa Sarvodaya Shramadana Society

General population


Establishing e-channeling centre

Project ongoing. E-channeling appointments ongoing with 16 doctors. Awareness conducted

Ambagahawewa Sarvodaya Shramadana Society



Establishing a centre to provide market information

Center established. Agri information being provided to community

Nikasala Sarvodaya Shramadana Society

School children


Establishing an e-learning and an agricultural information centre

Project activities complete. Training ongoing.

Pahalawalahapitiya Sarvodaya Shramadana Society

School children


Establishing e-education centre

Project completed. Training conducted and exams held

Human Genetics Unit (HGU), Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo

Communities with genetic disabilities

Kurunegala and Badulla

Remote medical consultation

Consultations held with doctors from the Human Genetic Unit in Colombo and Base Hospital Kurunegala, Koslanda and Galenbindunuwewa..

Plantation Worker’s Service Centre

General population

Nuwara Eliya

Establishing a cultural information centre.

Cultural events (stage drama and street drama) held. Workshops and training programs on aesthetic aspects completed. Uploading of content to website ongoing

Human Social Development Society

General population

Nuwara Eliya

Establishing an information centre on governmental and non governmental services.

Project commenced.

Plantation Women’s Development Society



Establishing an information center for empowerment of women

Workshops and clinics ongoing and are scheduled to be completed in the coming months.

Workers Prominence Forum

Dairy farmers

Nuwara Eliya

Establishing a dairy management information centre

Project commenced activities ongoing. Have conducted initial awareness workshop  for dairy farmers

Social Service Development Society

General population


Establishing an e-education & information centre to promote peace through information sharing.

Cultural shows being conducted. Workshops conducted on ICT tools and learning software. Project completed.

Organization For Social Development Advancement


Batticaloa District

Establishing an e - marketing centre, to support the micro and small enterprises in “Kattankuddy’

Survey on entrepreneurs in the area complete.

Social Educational Language & Development Association

School children

Trincomalee District Kinnya

Establishing an e - education centre to develop ICT and English language skills.

E-learning classes are being conducted.

Social Development for Media Forum


Vauniya District Kurumankadu

Establishing an e - employment centre for youth

Workshops held for potential employees.

Best Job Opportunities

Job seekers, employers and service providers


To create a job bank that would collate information on job seekers and act as facilitator.

Project complete. Job bank website developed in local language and being implemented successfully The site received on average 15-20 applications per day. In addition through a link up with the Samurdhi Authority CVs of over 100,000 Samurdhi beneficiaries were uploaded.


The Linux Center

Schools and Government offices


Develop, educate and train users on FOSS-based fonts and input tools for the general use.

Project completed. Input system and fonts developed and training completed

District Foundation of Computer Literacy at Rural Level

General public


To create a website to popularize the district of Hambantota through the use of ICT

Uploading of information on Ambalanthota, Hambantota, Tangalle, Beliaththa, Tissamaharama and Lunugamwehera complete.

Nenakirana Thorathuru Thakshana Samajaya

School children (Grades 6-11)

Ambilipitiya District Secretariat

Establishing an online magazine for school children.

Project completed. Online magazine developed. Training of children complete.

Aralupitiya Gemidirya Company


Badulla District Arulupitiya

Project aims to start an e - marketing centre in order to support farmers to improve their profits by providing information on the market and create awareness amongst buyers through online production data base.

Completed data collection for the site. To be uploaded to the site

Weerapana Tea Small Holding Development Society

School children and tea small holders

Galle District Weerapana

Enhance educational facilities for the school children through ICT, while disseminating information on tea cultivation to tea small holders.

Project activities are completed. Awareness workshops held. IT training conducted for school children and school leavers

Pathawelpitiya North Mahasen Tea Small Holding Development Society

School children

Galle District Pathawelpitiya

Establishing an e - learning centre to support school education including English learning. Facilitate community access to knowledge via ICT.

Time table and syllabus submitted. Center established. English teaching ongoing.

Lelwala Tea Small Holding Development Society

Tea Estate community

Galle District

Set up agricultural information centre for growers of tea, cinnamon, rubber, and livestock farmers.

Workshop on IT conducted. Development of website to be completed.


Hindurangala Eksath Tea Small Holding Development Society, Kiriella

Rural communities

Rathnapura District Kiriella

Establishing an agricultural information centre on tea and other crops grown in the area

Project activities completed. Center established. Agricultural information provided to community, 09 workshops completed.

Janasahana Coporate Foundation

Rural communities

Matara District, Hiththatiya

e- Employment centre providing ICT capacity building for unemployed youth and developing database on employment opportunities.

Project completed. Have conducted awareness workshops for job seekers. Database completed.

Konchetiya Janatha Gemidiriya Company


Monaragala District, Buththala

Establishing an e - Marketing centre providing daily market prices & facilitating market linkages, forward contracts.

Project activities ongoing. Workshops held using techniques of cultivation and best practices in marketing using  CDs and other off line material. Project completed.

Kandeara Janatha Gemidiriya Company

Low income families

Monaragala District, Buththala

e - education centre to provide children with the opportunity for English learning. Special training on G.C.E O/L and A/L exams using digitized papers.

Center established. Training ongoing. Project completed.

Siripuragama Janatha Janajeewa Gemidiriya Company

Rural communities

Monaragala District, Ethiliwewa

e - education centre to provide children with the opportunity for learning.

Center established. Training ongoing.

Parameepura Janatha Gemidiriya Company

Rural communities

Hambanthota District Angunukulapalessa

e-Marketing centre to facilitate market linkages, forward contracts, and to create awareness among buyers through online produce data base

Project implementation delayed due to issues at the grassroots.

Pituwalagama Tea Small Holding Development Society

School children and school leavers

Galle District, Elpitiya

Agricultural information centre for tea small holders.

Center established. Awareness workshops completed

Eksath Sarana"Gramsanwardana Society Kiriella

School children

Rathnapura District,

e - learning centre for children & youth, English learning being the main focus. Additionally improve general ICT awareness amongst community.

Center established. Training ongoing with use of CDs and e-learning software, for school children. Project completed.

Ela - Ihala Tea Small Holding Development Society

school children and  pre-school children


Proposal has been developed with the aim of starting e- Education centre for school children to facilitate learning parallel to school curriculum. In the meantime, it operates as a leaning centre for youth & elders.

Have done awareness activities. Classes ongoing. Project completed.

Opatha Tea Small Holding Development Society

Rural communities


e-channeling centre to facilitate appointments with medical specialist while providing information to upgrade health of community

Development of CDs completed. E-channeling activities being completed. Workshops conducted. Project completed.

Environment & Community Development Information Centre

Street children


e - Education centre to create learning opportunities for street children. English language skill development being the main focus.

e-learning classes are continuing. Center established and operating successfully. Project completed.

Bambare Rural Development Services Society

Rural farmers


Agricultural information centre to provide information on improved crop varieties, modern cultivation techniques and other inputs for cash crops.

Workshops ongoing.  Project completed.

Soba Sri Environmental Forum

Farmers in Horana divisional secretariat in Kaluthara district.

Kaluthara District, Horana

Centre to preserve and popularize traditional agriculture techniques as well as traditional medicine through the use of ICT.

Project completed. Workshops and discussions for farmers complete. Website complete -

Dimuthu Community Based Organisation

School children

Puttalam District, Anamaduwa

e-Learning centre for school children and knowledge center for farmers and SMEs.

Project completed. E-learning center established and training conducted.

Dangahawela Rural Development Services Society

School children


e-Learning centre for school children and knowledge centre for farmers and general public.

Awareness activities conducted. General public and NGO officers made aware of ICT. Training ongoing. Project completed.

Beralapanathara Sarvodaya Shramadana Samithiya

Rural Communties

Matara District
Pahala Berubewula

Agricultural information centre for farmers

Project progress poor despite several inputs by ICTA Team. Community lacks implementation capacity.

Devalamulla Sarvodaya Shramadana Society

Rural Communities

Matara District

E Marketing Center for Cinnamon Growers

Project ongoing.


Centre for Policy Alternatives

Grassroot CSOs


Project complete.  Newsletters developed by the community using unicode

Project completed.  Newsletters developed in Sinhala Unicode by the community.

eDrive (Pvt) Ltd

Rural communities

Puttalam District

Project complete. English Tre-K course training provided to Nenasalas in Puttalam district

Project completed. English Tre-K course training provided to Nenasalas in Puttalam district

Eyenet Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

Handicraft producers

Matara and Galle Districts

Grantee not responsive. Recommended for cancellation

Websites identified for upload of products. Project has stalled due to grantee being incapacitated.

Kavidu IT Center

Disadvantaged rural communities

Buththala District Secretariat

VCDs on historical sites developed. Distribution of CDs to schools and Nanasala completed. Website upload completed.

VCDs on historical sites developed. Distribution of CDs to schools and Nanasala completed. Website complete.

Rajarata Nenasala



Web site completed. Uploading of products and awareness sessions ongoing.

Online web portal completed.

Project completed.

Rotary Club Cinnamon Gardens

School Children from the age of 14 upwards

3 Village Schools

English and IT training complete. 3D movies developed by students

English and IT training complete. 3D movies developed by students. Project completed.

Wellassa Development Foundation

School Children

Monaragala District

Training ongoing using Clarity software

Teaching of English ongoing using world recognized  software. Center functioning successfully

Nanasala Pilot Rural Knowledge Center


Rathnapura District

To create an Agricultural data base and  strengthen  the agri. extension services

Center launch and awareness complete. Have completed the training for the 20 extension officers. 100% of info collected in print, audio and video format.

Project completed.

Wilpotha Women Savings Forum


Puttalam District

Deploying ICTs in promoting crop diversification.

Workshops held using CDs to educate agricultural officers. Database of 1000 farmers completed.

Prabahavi Resources Center

School children

Ampara District

To establish live online teaching-learning program with identified volunteer professionals from abroad

Syllabus developed. Broadcasting of classes commenced. Awareness workshop completed.

Sahana Sewa Sanwardhana Padanama


Badulla district

To provide agricultural information on paddy & vegetables

03 discussions & 01 workshop completed. Information being uploaded to Dept of Agriculture website

Women & Child Development Foundation


Kaluthara district

Use of ICTs in improving markets for local coir products. Enhancing tourism industry through improving ICT literacy of community engaged in tourism and in developing websites for small hotels/ rest houses

Awareness activities completed. Website developed -

Community Development Foundation

Tea small holders, job seekers

Rathnapura district

To direct youth to the potential employment opportunities in tea factories and other firms. To develop CD promoting tea industry

Project completed. CD developed on tea industry. Workshops and training conducted

Delwala SANASA

Women entrepreneurs

Gampaha district

Upgrading product quality and improving market linkages through ICTs

Workshops ongoing
Awareness activities complete





Kangchana Education & Development Foundation

Rubber small holders

Monaragala district

Information centre to support  rubber small holders  enhance  production

Project completed.
Awareness workshops conducted for farmers. Content on rubber cultivation, processing collected.

Lions Club- Thanamalwila


Monaragala district

To build farmer awareness on modern agricultural techniques.

Project completed. Agri info provided using internet. Awareness workshops conducted for farmers with participation of Agri Department Officers

Pubudu Elders Society - Galpottawatte.



Use of ICTs in enhancing quality and marketability of traditional products such as handicrafts, knitting, etc

Workshops ongoing. CD Developed on traditional product development.

Rambe Sri Perakum SANASA



To provide information on improved seed varieties, low cost inputs and crop diversification

Data collection complete. Information being provided on crops through use of CDs

Saviya Development Foundation

Handicapped youth


Enhance skills of handicapped youth through ICTs and thereby improve employment opportunities.

Project ongoing. Website to be developed.

Sirilak Sahana Sewa Padanama

Multi religious community


To build religious & national harmony by information sharing among religious centers

Website prototype developed.. Awareness workshops completed.

Thissa  Jaya Children Foundation

Low skilled children


Through use of interactive ICTs encourage low skilled children take up basic education.

English teaching conducted using an internationally recognized software. Workshop on IT held.

Project completed. Classes ongoing.

Wicki Wickramarathne Associates

General publics


Collection of content on indigenous  construction methods

Desk research and collection of content complete. Project completed.

Panamura Nenasala

Island wide


Setting up of BPO hub

Platform developed and hosted

Associated Global Network [Thimbolketiya Nanasala]


General public


A website will be developed to promote eco-tourism in the area. Content on environment conservation also will be up loaded.

Survey to gather environmental and historical information completed. Website development underway.

Nenasala e-Savi Samaja Sanwardana Ayathanaya [Godakawela Nenasala]


Women entrepreneurs


Information on products of women entrepreneurs would be published on e-commerce sites.

Workshops completed. Content being uploaded to website

Nanasala Information Technology Institute [Nenasala Meegahajedura]


Government servants


Development of a self learning web site on government exams held for recruitment & promotions.

Preparation of model papers completed. Site development in progress.

Electro Nenasala




A web based paint competition will be conducted for children and using MS-paint package and Corel Draw.


Awareness activities completed. e Arts competition held. Awareness in schools ongoing.

Nenoda IT Society [Nenasala Sooriyakanda ]


School children & youth


Development of a self learning web site for the Buddhism exams from Grade 5 to "Dharmacharya" Exam.

Expert panel appointed and examinations selected for preparation of papers.  Questions and answers for past papers digitized

Nenasala Maduwanwela




To develop  classified web site on product information related  to agriculture, dairy farming, construction, carpentry etc


Website prototype developed, To be hosted

Social Aid Foundation


School children


To develop a web based radio, where lectures for O/L students, both in Tamil & Sinhala medium, would be recorded & uploaded.


Website developed. Uploading of content ongoing

Nanasala Nochiyagama


General public


A local language content competition in Sinhala language will be conducted. The competition will be held 5 days a week on different topics


Project commenced.  Topics selected for content competition. Awareness workshops complete. Winners of two rounds uploaded to the site.


Saliyawewa Nanasala


School children


Subtitling of educational video clips for better accessibility to local students and to distribute to schools at reasonable prices.


List of sources of obtaining educational clips provided. Sinhala sub-titling of 20 videos completed. eg. Journey to the Moon, Amazon Forest, Uri Gagarin, Water via Wind, bone implants etc.

Sri Lankananda Information and Communication Technology Centre [Haldummulla Nenasala]


General public


A local language content competition in Tamil will be conducted. Winning articles will be published on an accessible domain.


Awareness programs ongoing.
Review panel and topic list selection complete

Sanka Nanasala Electronic Library [Kolambagama Nenesala]




To give training to students on 2-D animation and to link them up with advertising companies. Animations will be created on historical and socially relevant topics and published on a web.


Cartoons preparation completed only dubbing has to be done.

Pulmudai Social Development Foundation [Pulmudai Nenasala]


Youth & elders


To develop bi-lingual web site for students, employees & elders to promote Tamil-Sinhala language learning while building peace.

Website to be completed

Weligama Nenasala


Local Fishermen


Provision of information to fishermen on  fishery sites, weather forecasts and disasters in local language through SMSs.

Project activities complete. Selection of mobile service provider, SMS client and fisheries information sources complete

Successfully providing SMS services to fisherman. Projec completed.

Vicit Innovative

General public


Animation of 550 Jathaka Katha

Project completed.

Tharunyata Hetak




A web portal for medical students to be developed containing information on online resources for medical science, internship, etc. Training on medical transcription will also be provided.


Project completed.  Medical portal developed - .  Awareness conducted.

Sahana Association

Disabled youth & children


To train disabled youth & children to use basic ICT applications, using HAL technique, digital talking books & other disability products.

Conducting workshops for disabled children ongoing. Project completed.

Disability Organizations Joint front



To train on ICT tools using disability products. Also to train on multimedia applications

Resource persons selected and workshops are being conducted for disabled persons.

Ecocare Center for Environmental Education & Conservation



To support students to conduct environment projects and develop environment related content

Uploading of content to the website ongoing. Environment related VHS tapes selected for conversion to digital format to enable wider deployment.

Sanskruthika Kala Nirmana Sansadaya

General public


To preserve knowledge about traditional healing techniques ("Shanthi Karma") by uploading information to web in text & video.

Awarness activities completed. CD on Shanthi Karma developed. Website to be completed.


Diriya Padanama



Training on computer based accounting & ICT applications

Project ongoing. Gnu cash accounting package used to train traders.

Green Life Srilanka



Training for women entrepreneurs and documenting success stories

Awareness activities completed. Workshops complete

Mahinda Rajapaksha Swayang Rekiya Ha Samaja Sanwardna Padanama

Rural youth


To train rural youth to produce live-rural outdoor radio programmes

Project in initial stage.

Rangiri Thakshana Piyasa

General public


To conserve traditional technique of ola leaf writing. "Veda poth", "Yanthra-Manthra" in ancient contents will be digitized.

Content uploading  to the

website completed.  Awareness activities completed on ola leaf writing. CD developed. Project completed.

Nimala Niwasa Labhinge Sanvidanaya

General public


To promote local spices products and spice gardens in the area

Project ongoing.

Environmental Protection Foundation



Radio programs to show the talents of multi ethnic children groups

Project in initial stages

High Information Technology Education and Social Development Organization (HITESDO)

General public


Website on Trincomalee district

Uploading content to the website ongoing -

Sumaga Ruhunu Shrawana Uunatha Sansadaya

Hearing impaired


To strengthen communication among the deaf through video conference facilities

Conducting training for disabled people ongoing.

Haputale Estate Worker’s Housing Co-op Society

Estate workers


Training of Estate workers and provision of information on employment opportunities

Awareness activities ongoing

Swashakthi Youth Association



Information center for fishermen

Awareness activities ongoing. Workshops complete

Rotary Club of Colombo South



To establish communication links between a school in Batticaloa and a German school, through chat forums, blog, etc

Training of trainer complete

Education Social Development Association



Skill development in ICT for students in Visual Basic programming

Evaluation panel selection completed.

People's Service Council



To create content and CDs on exam (O/L) related subjects (eg: time management).

04 model papers prepared. 01 paper from each subject. Evaluation of the papers ongoing.

Muttur East Nenasala

Youth & School Children


Mobile ICT training in Muttur

ICT classes & mobile library activities ongoing.

True Vision Rural Rehabilitation Organisation

School Children


Computer typesetting and data operation training in Adalachchenai – 02.

Training of students completed. Marketing activities for the trainees ongoing. Project completed.

Kandiyapitawewa Nenasala

Students & Teachers


Dhaham Sayura - Digitizing Buddhism text books

Grade 1-6 content uploaded to the website -

Community Oriented Resource Exchange (CORE)



Conventional dairy management info center + telephone exchange service for the dairy farmers.

Software developed on CD.

Balangoda Nenasala

Students & Adults


Promote usage of open source software

Conducting ICT classes for adults & School children

Institute of Studies for Local Government Affairs

Govt Officers


Website on environment related governance

100% of the website completed.




Door- to door mobile ICT training for disabled

Project completed. Training for 90 students completed.

IDA - Southern Province

Gold & Wood carving people


Information exchange centre  - jewellery and wood

Project in initial stages

Center for People's Dialogue



Website on Negombo culture

CD development ongoing - content being collected

Spinal Injuries Association



Material for spinal injury rehabilitation

Uploading of content to the website ongoing

Supporters Dot Com



Web catalogue on 100 SMEs

Website uploading completed

Bodhiraja Foundation



Website on indigenous medicine, with symptom tree

01 awareness Workshop completed Project completed.

Ruhunu Pillow Lace Manufacturers' Society



Website on beeralu producers

Project in initial stages. Information to be uploaded to site provided.

Nenasala Thanamalvila

Students & Adults

Monaragala and Badulla


Workshops completed. Sinhala & Tamil guide developed.

Digi.Divi Foundation



SMS information service

Village leaders appointed. SMS service set up. Database of 200 recipients formed. Information disseminated via SMS daily.

Nenasala Sooriyawewa



Mobile Library

Mobile Nenasal, ‘Nena Sakmana’ has been launched to reach out to communities in ten Grama Niladhari Divisions. .

Samurdhi Maha Sangamaya/ Attampitiya Nenasala



Nenasala Tharaka

Project ongoing.

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