CERC Projects

Following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Government of Sri Lanka has requested the World Bank to activate several Contingent Emergency Response Components (CERC) projects in the existing portfolio to finance a set of emergency activities for COVID-19 response. Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) implements four projects under this as below:

  1. 1.Form.gov.lk
  2. 2.Implementation of Zone -2 for LGC 2.0
  3. 3.Video conferencing facilities to the Government Institutions
  4. 4.Cross-Government Email collaboration solution 

The World Bank is committed to enhancing opportunities for grievance redress, collaborative problem solving, and alternative dispute resolution on the projects it supports. Effectively addressing grievances from people impacted by World Bank projects is a core component of managing operational risk. Grievance redress mechanisms (GRMs) can be an effective tool for early identification, assessment, and resolution of complaints on projects.

The World Bank is not alone in this: across public and private sectors, in developed and emerging economies, organizations have increasingly institutionalized complaints handling and dispute resolution processes to better manage feedback and operational risks.

Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) with the full understanding of the expectations of the World Bank adheres to the Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM) elaborated below, in fairness to all the parties concerned ensuring the projects are implemented in the more effective and efficient manner minimizing the chances of any negative impacts on any party consequent to the implementation of the projects.

If you have any grievances resulting from the CERC projects above please feel free to inform to cercprojects@icta.lk. You are assured that all messages received will be responded and necessary actions will be taken.