Digital Infrastructure

Building of Digital Infrastructure is the most invested key strategy of ICTA towards creating a knowledge-based society through digitally empowered citizens. Aim is to provide the benefits of the Information and Communication Technologies to every citizen in the country and ICTA has planned number of initiatives to make the government services efficient, convenient and friendly parallel to this strategy.

ICTA already has implemented Lanka Government Network (LGN) connecting more than 500 government organizations in the country. Lanka Government Cloud (LGC) has been implemented provide cost effective, reliable and secure infrastructure facilities. In order to achieve the objective of digitally inclusive nation, the constraints and limitations of the LGN and LGC have to be eliminated and services have to be expanded rapidly aligned with the latest technology trends.

To make this reality, ICTA has planned to connect 3,500 government organizations and buildings with a minimum bandwidth of 100Mbps, and this will be further expanded up-to 7,500 locations by connecting country’s post office network. All of these locations will be facilitated with Wi-Fi zones, which will create a conducive environment to the citizens to use government services conveniently.

Next version of the LGC will facilitate any requirement of the government with industry standard cloud services. By eliminating barriers for cloud adoption, government organizations will be able to leverage on LGC to use ICT for delivering the services efficiently and effectively. Moreover, the next version of the LGC will consist of a big data cluster which will store government data belong to any category. Big data analytics which can be effectively used for economic growth of the country and open data portal which will be aligned with the national priorities are 2 key outputs of the big data cluster.

Internet backbone will also be increased significantly across the government network ensuring adequate Internet bandwidth for proposed initiatives. ICTA has also planned to establish a Government Data Center and a National Security Operations Center (SoC) parallel to the journey towards digital Sri Lanka. It is expected that all these digital infrastructure improvements will make a revolution in the country and thereby will create a digitally inclusive nation.


  • Provide high speed wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity to the government organizations.
  • Provide Wi-Fi facility to access to the employees of government institutions to use e-Government services conveniently.
  • Enable and engage citizens with the government and its services through Wi-Fi facility free of charge.
  • Establish an industry standard, full-fledged and globally recognized government Cloud to host all government services, portals, common/shared services and mobile applications.
  • Implement big data cluster enabling big data analytics and open data platform.

What is LGN?

A highly available, secure and reliable government network to link all government institutions/buildings to a single digital platform.

What is LGC?

A highly available, secure and reliable and cost-effective infrastructure to provide all infrastructure services to the government.

Key Facilities to Government

  • Connectivity with 100Mbps last mile connectivity.
  • Wireless (Wi-Fi)networks.
  • Access to sufficient Internet facility.
  • Infrastructure services for any kind of hosting requirements.
  • Secure integration with existing networks in government.
  • Facility to host data belong to any category.
  • Big data analytics for effective decision making.
  • Relible,efficient and cost effective communication platform.
  • Comprehensive document managements system and shared services.

Benefits to the Citizens

  • Convenient access to the government services.
  • Improved and efficient government services.
  • Improved and efficient government services, and access services electronically (as e-Services) anywhere, anytime.
  • Right to information.
  • Knowledge-based society.

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