Digital Sri Lanka

Technology based society and a SMART Nation

“Ideas, innovation and challenging convention are hallmarks of my administration. We have seen what our country can do with the right leadership. Let us decide today to make our tomorrow better”

Gotabaya Rajapaksa, President, Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

The twenty first century is knowledge-centric. True competitiveness lies in how well technology is integrated into every economic sector, be it agriculture, industry, service or else. It is imperative that we invest strategically in this century’s new innovative technologies, integrate such innovations into our education systems and incorporate innovative measures to our economic framework. The quality of life of people should be enhanced by creating a culture of Technological Innovation.

Following components may be some of the key the building blocks of secure, prosperous and digitally inclusive Sri Lanka.

  • A nation-wide high speed Optical Transmission System and a high speed 5G Mobile Broadband System
  • Smart cities with digital monitoring and administrative centers
  • Mobile payment platforms for all financial transactions
  • Cross-border e-Commerce and International e-Payment system for the international trade
  • Cyber Security, Data Protection and Intellectual Property legislation
  • A new digitalized education system based on innovation and lifelong learning
  • Smart learning universities and higher education institutes
  • Global Innovation Hub to maximize the use of new technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Biotechnology, Robotics, Augmented Reality, Cloud Computing, Nano Technology and 3D Printing
  • IT Centers and BPO centers in all key cities
  • An experienced IT workforce of 300,000 software engineers and programmers by 2025.
  • BPO and KPO industries to be developed to deliver USD 3 billion foreign earnings by 2025.
  • Ease of obtaining key citizen services through online systems for National ID, Passport, Birth, marriage and death certificates, Driving License, Land title deeds through provincial and district citizens service centers
  • A new e-procurement system to eliminate bribery and corruption
  • Modernized health services, including e-Health and Telemedicine for patient convenience
  • Modern Technology for combating drug menace
  • A single transport e-ticket systems and e-ticketing mechanism for all public and private transport services

Large scale farming through a regional level cooperative farm produce methodology to maximize agri-gains