Digital Government

Digital solutions will enable better communication between citizens and government agencies to uphold democratic values. Similarly, these solutions may be harnessed to improve the quality of government service delivery through integrated and efficient processes, to reduce bureaucracy, and improve efficiency, accountability and transparency. A series of strategic national initiatives are to be established under this pillar to facilitate the enhancement of digital identification, fintech, healthtech, and other government-wide services.

Sri Lanka’s planned Digital Government Architecture will address the needs of multiple layers of customers (horizontal) with shared solutions and Line of Business (LoB) solutions built upon the foundation that consists of A National Data and Identity Interoperability Platform (NDIIP) (to be built), Lanka Government Network (LGN) and Lanka Government Cloud (LGC).

Lanka Government Network and Lanka Government Cloud (LGN/LGC) use secure and reliable infrastructure facilities to the government to host any type of application/ system and ensure government organizations, offices and buildings are connected with appropriate bandwidth to support the use of e-Government services by public servants as well as visitors to these offices.

All Line of Business (LoB) for government needs will be treated in a prioritization framework in order to offer them the focus they truly deserve.

Finally, depending upon the requirement of the client – in this case can be a Ministry, Department or any other Government institution – ICTA will engage in developing, implementing and assisting the client and the citizens/customers to adopt the solution in the most convenient and the fastest manner. For this, four different engagement models are presented. ICTA’s engagement in terms of resources, be that financial, human resources, technical, physical or informational, varies depending upon the engagement model.

Under the visionary leadership of President His Excellency Gotabaya Rajapaksa, National Policy Framework (NPF) of the Government of Sri Lanka “Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour” adopted in December 2019, constitutes of 10 key policies aimed at achieving the fourfold outcome of a productive citizenry, a contented family, a disciplined and just society and a prosperous nation, the Digital Government initiative envisages to achieve ambitious goals in the near future.

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July 17, 2023

ICTA Represents Sri Lanka at the Global Digital Economy Conference 2023 in Beijing

By the esteemed invitation of the Global Digital Economy Conference 2023 (GDEC) and the Sri Lankan Embassy in China, Mr. Mahesh Perera, the CEO, and Mr. Sachindra Samararatne,...