Digitizing Government

This programme pursues major and sustainable improvements in the Government of Sri Lanka’s (GOSL) efficiency, transparency, effectiveness, and quality of services. For this purpose, it will reinforce and expand fundamental governance and public management reforms as a complement and enabler of required solutions.

The programme will do so by transforming public sector work processes through the strategic use of ICT and by implementing novel ICT-enabled administrative policies such as

  • (a) a client rather than organizational design of work;
  • (b) government accountability for service level standards to its clients;
  • (c) electronic sharing of data across agencies;
  • (d) always-on, user-friendly, distance-neutral information and service facilities to citizens and businesses;
  • (e) transparency in government operations.


To provide citizen services in the most efficient manner by improving the way government works by re-engineering and technologically empowering government business processes.

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Other Projects