Industry Development

ICT sector in Sri Lanka employs over 80,000 professionals an earned yearly export revenue of USD 850 million in 2015 (Central Bank figures for 2015).  We have become the fifth largest export revenue earners with 95% value addition (SLASSCOM Strategy Document 2016)

In the journey of developing country’s ICT strategies it is crucial to establish a brand name as a source of ICT and BPO investments. Basically these two strategies aims at building a competitive marketplace for SME’s among giant ICT providers and rebranding Sri Lanka as a destination of choice for ICT products, services and investments. The strategies made for Industrial Development program will adopt to the ICT sector in Sri Lanka and will positively affect the economic growth in Sri Lanka.

Our Initiatives

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  • SL ITBPM Destination - Buusiness Promotion Project-logo
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  • FutureIsIT - Industry Knowledge Project-logo
  • FutureCareers - Career Guidance Logo


  • “To improve the competitiveness, generate employment and increase revenue of the IT/ITES industry”
  • “To promote the country as a source of ICT and BPO investment destination”
  • “To provide e-business solutions among SMEs and key industries which will increasing productivity across the economy, connect enterprises, and improve trade and logistics”

Country Branding and Business Promotion

With the globalization, countries compete with each other to establish their own brand image and to promote international exposure.

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Tech Startup Support Program (Spiralation)

This project is targeted towards developing new technology based business ventures in the country. The program provides everything a business or entrepreneur needs towards starting up and successfully running a business.

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December 19, 2016

Startup Support Initiatives by ICTA

2016 was an incredible year for the Sri Lankan startup ecosystem. It witnessed many new things for the first time, and it was fascinating to see the incredible growth of the...