Chithranganie Mubarak

Chitranganie Mubarak a BSc Honours Graduate from the University of Colombo has played a major role in the Country’s ICT4D effort over the last 10 years. During her nine year stint with the ICT Agency of Sri Lanka she headed the eSociety Programme of the eSri Lanka Development Project, conceptualizing, planning and giving direction to the management of close to 250 projects with wide ranging development outcomes. he e-Society Programme has been rated as being one of the top six most innovative programmes under the World Bank Portfolio.The e-Swabhimani, the National Best e-Content Award wasi nitiated by her in 2009.

Her efforts at conceptualizing and drafting ICTA’s application to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Access to Learning Award (ATLA) led to the ICT being awarded ATLA 2014 which brought in a grant of USD one million for further strengthening the national telecentre network in the Country.

She is also the Director Administration of the Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology, the leading tertiary education institute in Sri Lanka; a Member of the Board of the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the University of Kelaniya; a Member of the National Steering Committee on Food Security of the National Science Foundation and a Director of the Mahavilachchiya Educational Centre for Children.Prior to joining the ICTA, she served as Director, TradenetSL,the e-commerce arm of the Sri Lanka Export Development where she was responsible for introducing several ICT solutions for facilitating the rural entrepreneur and played a key role in launching the country’s pioneering on-line trading platform.