Mr. Dilanthe Withanage
Board of Directors

Dilanthe Withanage, one of the founding members of the ICTA, pioneered many new initiatives, including e-society and e-journalists in 2003 -2005. After completing his Master’s degree in Computer Engineering in 1989 he obtained a postgraduate qualification in Education. He has worked on numerous projects aimed at promoting computer literacy and ICT education across Sri Lanka.

As a young graduate, Dilanthe initiated one of the country’s first computer literacy projects in 1990, trained thousands of rural youth, and worked as an ICT lecturer at the University of Sri where he head the ADB-funded ICT Training center to train government accountants. He also served as an advisor to the Chief Minister of the Western Province, initiated the Western Province IT Resource Centre to train government officials, teachers, politicians, and media personnel in 1999, and became the lecturer in charge of Computer Science Education at the University of Colombo.

In 2000, he was appointed as the ICT Education consultant to the Ministry of Education, where he played an instrumental role in preparing the national policy for higher education and introducing GiT and ICT as a subject in the school curriculum.

He served as an advisor to the minister of social Integration, Senior minister for consumer welfare, and minister for power and energy. He was a board member of the national youth services council, Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology, and German Tech. He was a member of the National Committee on women

For the last 23 years, Dilanthe has been functioning as an ICT Lecturer at the Australian College of Business and Technology affiliated with Edith Cowan University, Australia.