Disrupt Asia 2019 attracts top startup advocates as keynote speakers

October 10, 2019


Casey Lau Amarit Charoenphan

This year too, Disrupt Asia 2019 promises to be inspiring, insightful and unmissable. The presence of two visionary, vibrant keynote speakers delivering powerful new ideas together with all other panelists and speakers, who are integral to the conference, provides the perfect opportunity to discuss the potential of technology, as well as the challenges it presents to society and the future, exemplifying the spirit, ingenuity, and entrepreneurial drive that Disrupt Asia 2019 cultivates.

The opening keynote address by one of Hong Kong’s tech start-up pioneers, Casie Lau holds the promise of riveting discussions, inspiring startups and those aspiring to move to action.

While connecting people and businesses and advising on business plans, engaging in pitch presentations and sharing a holistic look at startups around the world are his strong suits he says, “There is tremendous growth taking place in startups everywhere. Startups are revitalizing traditional industry sectors through the application of technology, while at the same time beginning conversations aboutscaling innovations.while startups are already pushing the envelope in developing new technology, they also support in targeting, improving and transforming the livesof thousands of livesmaking a positive social impact in the world.”

Amarit(aim) Charoenphan as CEO and Co-founder of HUBBA, Thailand’s 1st and largest co-working space and community will motivate and encourage the audience during his closing address leaving them energized and believing they can. He says,

“When you stop believing in yourself, when you lose the passion for your mission and you stop trying to innovate and solve problems, you’re startup is dead. Keep your eyes on the prize, keep walking and don’t doubt yourself and you will make something out of the experience, no matter if you’re successful or failure.” Contributing to this year’s Disrupt Asia 2019, onboard as the Gold Partner. Anthony Watson, Country Manager, Sri Lanka & Maldives, Visa says, “As perhaps the world’s first fintech itself, at Visa we are excited about the tremendous potential in the booming startup ecosystem in Sri Lanka’s. “ICTA and Disrupt Asia in particular provide fintechs in Sri Lanka a great opportunity to connect with the Visa team for numerous opportunities that the world’s largest payment network offers. At Disrupt Asia, we look forward to engaging and collaborating with Sri Lanka’s finest fintechs exploring mutually beneficial partnerships for the future.” GIZ has been working to promote progress in many sectors supporting environment and sustainable economic development, in addition to small and medium enterprises (SME’S) as well as startups. As a platform that aims to connect investors to the next generation of entrepreneurs, Seedstars is recognised for traveling across continents enabling vast opportunities for emerging ecosystems. Participating in this year’s edition of the Disrupt Asia conference, Seedstars aims to promote local startup towards global recognition.

“For the last 5 years Seedstars has enjoyed a great relationship with the Sri Lankan ecosystem; from highlighting its startups at the highest levels of our Global Competition to working with a diverse group of incredible local partners.we are incredibly excited to extend the engagement this year too supporting Disrupt Asia and its top startups. Working with Disrupt Asia will allow us to do more of two things that we are passionate about: firstly, working more closely with more inspiring entrepreneurs from the Sri Lanka ecosystem to increase their investment readiness, and secondly, to introduce an additional startup from Sri Lanka to our regional network at our Regional Summit in Cambodia from Nov. 27-29,” noted Rosie Keller, Regional Manager for Asia, Seedstars.