FITIS CXO Forum to help Sri Lanka expedite eGovernment and eCitizen service implementation

March 12, 2019

The National CXO Forum 2019 organised by the Federation of Information Technology Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS) this month will become an important focal point to help Sri Lanka expedite the eGovernment and eCitizen service implementation.

Suresh  CXOForum

Suresh Surenthiran                            Indika De Zoysa

Tan Jit  Sameera

Tan Jit Chuan                                    Sameera Jayawardena

During the eGovernment and eCitizen session at the forum, four tech wizards will come together to help fast-track Sri Lanka going digital to help the country reach global standards. The session will highlight how an effective eGovernment system can provide a range of benefits to the country and its citizens, including how efficient information and communication technologies (ICTs) can improve the activities of public sector organisations and also help governments enjoy better savings along with enhanced transparency.

The one-day forum on 14 March at the Shangri-La Hotel, Colombo will bring together some of the best names in the trade who are known locally as well as internationally to lead such initiatives.

The eGovernment session will feature Switzerland’s Suresh Surenthiran who is known to explore exponential technologies to connect the global physical networks for exponential growth of human life, will set the tone of the session by sharing his thoughts on eGov and the fourth industrial revolution.

Sri Lanka’s very own Indika De Zoysa, who functions as a senior consultant at the ICT Agency of Sri Lanka, and has gained a reputation as a global business leader will take over the stage to speak on the importance of why the country’s decision makers must seriously look at embracing eGovernment and a digitally savvy public sector. A seasoned, vibrant and result oriented professional with 24 years of rich experience covering solution innovation, development, integration and market development with prestigious organisations, De Zoysa currently gives leadership at ICT to drive the digital vision of Sri Lanka.

The eGovernment session at the National CXO Forum will also receive a further boost with the entry of Tan Jit Chuan at the session who will make a guest appearance to address the over 600 delegates representing the public and private sectors to share his thoughts on data protection. Chuan has over 22 years of IT experience and is the Dell EMC Field CTO and Chief Architect for Asia Pacific, Japan and China (APJC).

Programme manager at ICT Agency of Sri Lanka Sameera Jayawardena will be the fourth speaker at the session. Known as a strategist, Jayawardena has a reputation as a high performing executive with a proven track record of accomplishments in driving and managing large scale digital national and institutional initiatives with projects and programs to the value that has exceeded $ 20 million.

The eGovernment session will conclude with a panel discussion featuring the four speakers and the moderator, where matters pertaining to the session topic including on the fourth industrial revolution and how it is drastically transforming not just corporates but also helping governments to be more efficient by embracing digitisation will be discussed at length.

The forum is open to professionals including senior and junior executives as well as business leaders and decision makers representing the Government of Sri Lanka as well as the public sector who are directly involved in information technology and related services.

The FITIS CXO Forum which is held for the fourth time will be an important platform for professionals and decision makers as well as entrepreneurs to gain important insights from leading industry personnel on the need to move ahead with time, be technology savvy so that Sri Lanka too can demand its true position in the global arena.

FITIS is the apex body of the ICT sector in the country covering all major industry segments including hardware, software, training and education, communication and professional.

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