Frequently Asked Questions about the National Fuel Pass

August 2, 2022

What is the Solution called?
It is the ‘National Fuel Pass’

What are the features available via this service?
This service will allow the intended users (Public) to access the specified fuel quota based on the registered vehicle category via a QR code.

What are the service limitations?
The service will be limited to;
i. One National Identity Card (NIC)/ Passport/ Business Registration number and one vehicle
ii. A quota based on the vehicle category

Is this service limited to a specific location?
There are no area demarcations or station restrictions to obtain this service.

What is the registration process?
a) The intended users are required to register via the website by entering the below mentioned mandatory information:
i. Valid NIC/Passport/ Business registration number
ii. Mobile number*
iii. Vehicle number (according to the vehicle registration certificate)**
iv. Chassis number of the vehicle (according to vehicle registration certificate)**
v. Vehicle category (according to the vehicle registration certificate)**
vi. Fuel type
*This will be cross validated by a One-Time Password (OTP) shared in the form of a SMS to the provided mobile number.
**These fields will be cross validated with the Department of Motor Traffic vehicle registration database and any incorrect information will result in the registration being rejected.

I get a message stating OTP fail or received late?
You are required to retry clicking “Send OTP” again, if the issue persists try again in a moment.

I received incorrect vehicle details on the QR?
Please login to and enter your mobile number and refresh your QR code again, this will provide the accurate vehicle details with your QR code

What is my fuel quota allocation per vehicle?
a) Fuel quota will be limited to a weekly cycle (Monday to Sunday) and should be utilized within that week.
b) Any fuel quota balances will not be carried forward to the following week.
c) Fuel quota will be refreshed for the new week every Sunday at midnight.

On what criteria will the fuel quota be allocated?
a) Fuel quota allocation will be decided based on the vehicle category and is subject to change by the Ministry of Power and Energy from time to time.

What is my profile?
The registered individual will be assigned a user profile under the provided NIC/Passport/Business Registration number, and the vehicle and mobile number will be linked to that profile accordingly.

Can I have multiple profiles under my NIC/Passport/ Business Registration number?
No, one NIC /Passport/ Business Registration number can have only one profile.

If my NIC/Passport/ Business Registration number has been used by someone else, how do I register?
Visit the nearest administration office nominated by the Ministry for this service and produce the proof of validity in order to register the same NIC/Passport/ Business Registration number under a new profile.

Proof of documents required;
• NIC, Passport or Business Registration number
• Proof of the vehicle registration documents

How many vehicles can I registered under my profile?
This service will be limited to one vehicle per profile.

What if someone has registered my vehicle?
Visit the nearest administration office nominated Ministry for this service and produce the proof of ownership/usage in order to transfer the vehicle under a new profile.

Proof documents required;
• NIC, Passport or Business Registration number
• Vehicle registration

Can someone register my vehicle and use the quota?
No. At the service station, the station staff will validate the vehicle number registered in the QR against the vehicle produced for fueling. Any unauthorized registrations will be rejected.

How do I obtain the service at a station?
User should produce the valid QR code (via mobile or printable format) to the pumper to obtain the service.
This QR code will be cross validated against the registered information and quota allocation.

Can I pump fuel more than the assigned quota?
Fuel issuing will be restricted only to the available quota based on the registered vehicle. The station will not allow pumping fuel more than the allocated quota.

In the event if I do not have the QR Code how do I obtain the service?
Registered individuals can retrieve the QR Code by typing Fuel QR and sending it to 766220000
or users can login to the above-mentioned website and retrieve the information by entering their registered mobile number.

Who offers this service?
This service is an initiative of the Ministry of Power and Energy

How do I obtain support?
Users may contact 1919 for more information and assistance related to registration.

How should the Chassis number be entered?
It should be entered precisely as per the Certificate of Registration of Motor Vehicles (Case Sensitive).

How should vehicles with “Sri “ be entered?
Only enter the vehicle number in columns Example. 3 Sri -1234 should be entered as  3 1234

What are the vehicle categories?
Vehicle category should be selected as per the Certificate of Registration of Motor Vehicle

At registration does the /Name/Address require to match the Certificate of registration ownership details?
No. At registration NIC/Name/Address does not require to match Certificate of registration ownership details.

How can company and government vehicles be registered?
Company and Gov vehicles/bikes can be registered under BRN category. Follow the below instructions.
a) Use the BRN number to register company vehicles. If there is no BRN number, under the NIC number you may create create a Unique code for your Institute (Numeric or Alphabetical) . This should be consistent for every vehicle profile.
b) Any Commercial/Government ministry or institution/NGO/ Clubs etc can register under BRN category.
c) Select BRN and follow the registration process.
d) Each vehicle registered require a unique mobile number to be assigned.

I have incorrectly entered a vehicle number. How can I correct it?
Users may contact 1919 for more information and assistance related to registration.

After registration can we view the details for which we registered?
You cannot

I registered with the same mobile number for 2 vehicles. Rcvd 1 correct QR code & 1 unidentified QR code. How to rectify this?
You will need to re-register using a new mobile number not being registered for this service before

I have received 2 QR codes as I tried several attempts from 2 numbers for the same vehicle? Can I cancel one, or am I entitled to fuel for both QR codes?
Technically not possible to register the same vehicle number under two different mobile numbers

In which category should jeeps be registered?
The user requires to refer the categorization the Certificate of Registration of Motor Vehicles of the said vehicle has mentioned and select in the drop down selection accordingly.

How will 49CC below bikes, professional grass cutter users,special categories obtain fuel?
Users of 49CC bikes have to register with the Dept of Motor Traffic to obtain their licenses & register with NFP.
• Users of Generators, Garden Equipment, Machinery & other Equipment that require Fuel, to register at the respective Divisional Secretariats with the type of fuel required, Weekly fuel requirement & the choice of Fuel station.
• Public Transport will be given a priority. The fuel quota for buses will be allocated at CTB depots with the the quota decided by the route permit & the number of KMs in service.
• CTB depots will also facilitate the Diesel fuel requirements of School Service Vehicles, Office Transport Vehicles, Industries, Tourism Sector, Ambulances & other essential services verified by the authorities.

Where can we report illegal fuel distribution activities?
The public will be able to send photos or video evidence on WhatsApp, of illegal fuel stocking or sales activities to the number 0742123123. QR Access will be temporarily blocked for repeated offenders & legal action to be taken accordingly.