Frequently Asked Questions about the Tourist Fuel Pass

October 7, 2022

What is the service called?
The Tourist Fuel Pass

To whom is this service offered?
This card is provided solely for the use of tourists visiting Sri Lanka. Foreign PP holder’s residing in Sri Lanka for work permits will not be entitled for this.
Visa will be validated at the branch level prior issuing the TFP

What are the features available via this service?
This service will allow inbound tourist to access fuel services on pre- top up basis.

How should one register for the service?
Customers could register for this service via designated Sampath bank Branches Island wide. Inbound tourists should produce necessary KYC information and obtain the service via purchasing an NFC based touch Tourist Fuel Pass.
a) Card can be topped up based on the required usage in multiple instance.
b) Minimum top up payment should not be less than $50 dollars and maximum top up is limited to 300 dollars per transaction.
c) Within the above limits customer could top up multiple times within a day.
d) Top up value will be updated in equivalent amount of LKR as per the prevailing exchange rate after deducting the applicable service charges.
e) Customer will receive a manual invoice for the exchange conversion and mentioning the top up value.
f) This card will only be accepted at any of the Touch enabled fuel service stations Island wide.
Refer to to check the station list.

What are the service limitations?
a) Fueling will be limited to the top up value in the card.
b) User must fully utilize the top up value prior discarding or deactivating .

Is this service limited to a specific location?
Fuel issuance for the Tourist fuel pass will be only available via TOUCH enable fuel stations.
Refer to to check the station list.

Is fuel issuance limited to one vehicle?
No. There is no vehicle based restriction. The user can fuel any number of vehicles using the card up to the top up value.

In the event I lose the card, how do I obtain a new card?
a) Initially it is advised to call 1393 hotline and request to temporally BLOCK the card by providing necessary KYC information (name /PP).
b) After that customer could visit one of the Sampath bank branches and obtain a new card
for the price of USD 5.
c) Customer has the option of transferring the old card balance to new card by validating the old card information.
d) With the balance transfer, old card will be automatically deactivated.

How do I check my card balance?
a) Users who have registered a Dialog local mobile number, could check the balance by sending a SMS command to :
b) If not, they could visit the nearest Touch enable station and check balance via Touch enabled terminal

Can I have multiple profiles under a Passport number?
No, one Passport number can have only one profile with one active card.

How do I obtain the service at a station?
By producing the Tourist card, users can obtain services up to the top up value.

Can I pump fuel more than the assigned quota?
Fuel issuance will be restricted only to the available balance in the card. The station will not allow pumping fuel more than the useable balance.

Can obtain a full refund?
Yes. Original user of the card can visit any Sampath bank and obtain a full refund of the card.

Who offers this service?
This service is an initiative of Ceylon Petroleum Corporation and the Ministry of Power and Energy.

How do I obtain support?
Users may contact 1393 for assistance related to card operation.

  1. TFP Registration Process
    All payments are accepted in foreign currency and equivalent amount of LKR will be uploaded to the card after deducting the Service charges.

Key controls;
• Card to be purchase at the rate of $ 5
• Top up payments accepted in any foreign currency
• Top up value will be calculated against the prevailing exchange rate and fuel eligibility will be recorded in LKR after deducting applicable service charges.
• Service charges 1.5% applicable on the LKR value after conversion.