ICTA hosts e-Swabhimani Grand Jury 2018

August 30, 2018

The Grand Jury of the e-Swabhimani 2018 was successfully held during 18th and 19th of August at Hotel Cinnamon Bey- Beruwala. Since its launch in 2009, the ‘e-Swabhimani Awards’ have continued to recognize outstanding, forward-thinking and truly innovative local digital solutions and hi-tech applications that have helped make society more inclusive, efficient, offer new services, empower citizens, whose overall benefits are reaped by all.

This is the 8th year that ICTA is organizing this event. 190 applications were received in response to the application call which commenced on 7th June until the closing date of 8th August this year. The members of the Jury comprised of a group of 17 domain experts from academia, industry and government sector including an expert, moderating the process. The evaluation of the applications continued till late night on both days starting from morning.

Nominations were accepted across nine categories including Government and Citizen Engagement, Health and Well-Being, Learning and Education, Environment and Green Energy, Culture and Tourism, Smart Settlement and Urbanization, Business and Commerce, Inclusion and Empowerment and Digital Entertainment. 51 applicants were shortlisted during the Jury process from the nine categories. Highest number of applications were received under the Business & Commerce category followed by the Learning & Education category. The least number was recorded from Inclusion & Empowerment and Digital Entertainment categories. The grand jury made sure that they made a fair judgement to all applicants.

‘e-Swabhimani’ a symbol of excellence but also serves as a stepping stone to the World Summit Award (WSA), a global initiative implemented within the framework of the United Nations’ World Summit on Information Society (WSIS). The WSA nominees were selected by the e-Swabhimani Grand Jury during the evaluation process for 2018.
The e-Swabhimani Awards Gala event is scheduled to be held in November 2018, ICTA organizing team mentioned.