ICTA launches first National ICT Industry Survey

October 26, 2011

The Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) has launched the first National ICT Industry Survey. Called the National ICT Industry Survey 2009, the survey is executed under the guidance of the Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E) unit of ICTA and will be implemented by GreenTech Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd.
ICTA has taken steps to conduct this first National ICT Industry Survey parallel to the ICT workforce survey 2009 which was also launched recently. ICTA Monitoring and Evaluation Programme Head, Jagath Seneviratne, said “While the aim of the workforce survey is to elicit a clear understanding of the extent and the composition of ICT-BOP workforce in Sri Lanka and weigh it against the supply of skilled personnel, the purpose of this first National ICT Industry Survey is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the present status and future trends in the industry” . In doing so the survey will also capture the fundamental constructs of individual industry players and their perceptions on the future of the industry as well as barriers to progress and development efforts.
The ICT industry, telecoms, telephony, the BPO sector, the internet, the regulatory and policy environment and the national initiatives – including e-Sri Lanka, studies in the health sector and education sector – will come within the ambit of the survey. In particular the survey will focus on aspects directly relevant to e-Sri Lanka projects and forward planning, Seneviratne explained.
The areas the National ICT Industry Survey will seek information on mainly are: (1) type of products, (2) what markets the industry serves, (3) present status and the growth of the industry in terms of sales volume and turnover, (4) investment in research and development, (5) growth strategies and (6) perception of industrialists on policy and development aspects of the industry.
While the workforce survey covers about 600 organisations this first National ICT Industry Survey sample covers about 350 organisations and a large number of Key Informant Interviews with the industry specialists.
This National ICT Industry Survey will bridge the information gap in the industry and the successful completion of the survey will provide useful information for formulating policy and determining commitments in the future.
ICTA encourages all selected survey respondents to contribute to the successful implementation of the survey by providing up-to-date and accurate information. Data collection will begin around the third week of October 2009 and the final report is expected in February 2010.

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