ICTA together with the Tech Community of Uva Province launches Uva Startup Hub

September 30, 2016

“Startup communities” are popping up all around the world, from countries like the USA to India where entrepreneurship is booming.
The ICT Agency of Sri Lanka,recognized for its many initiatives in support of the Sri Lankan Startup Ecosystem launched another unique initiative to uplift the startup communities throughout the island. These types of entrepreneurial ecosystems are driving innovation and small business energy. Communities can help develop strategy, long-term perspective, and dynamics of building communities of entrepreneurs who can feed off of each other’s talent, creativity, and support.
The first of these program was held in Bandarawela in the Uva District on the 25th of September 2016 at Hotel Lavenra. “Uva Startup Hub”, an community of likeminded individuals towards developing of the Uva province as a startup hub was also formed through this event.
The event was attended by many aspiring entrepreneurs, guest speakers of the meetup included the inventor of the iHelmet, Ganindu Nanayakkara who delivered an excellent presentation on new age innovation. Another inspiring speaker was the founder and CEO of Square Mobile Tharindu Dassanayake. The event also featured Bandarawela’s very own Kalinga Gunawardhanawho is the founder and CEO of LawEnvoy.
Along the way, it offers valuable insights into increasing the breadth and depth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem by multiplying connections among entrepreneurs and mentors, improving access to entrepreneurial education, and much more. By building startup communities throughout the country ICTA hopes to promote entrepreneurship even in the most remote places on the island. In the years to come, this will make an impact on many people and will aid in breaking the myth of a ‘Colombo based business lifestyle’