The Impact and Contribution ICTA has on the Overall IT Industry

August 8, 2017

The ICT Agency of Sri Lanka is the apex ICT institution in the country. According to the chairman of SLASSCOM, Ruwindhu Peiris ICTA is positioning Sri Lanka to be a knowledge and innovation hub in the global space.

ICTA collaborates with the IT industry in the country as a whole and works towards the development of the entire industry thus promoting Sri Lanka’s ability in the international marketplace. ‘It’s a tough role when you have to deal with multiple stakeholders especially when you have competing stakeholders’ says Ruwindhu. According to the chairman of SLASSCOM, only an organization with maturity and finesse will be able to do this and ICTA is the most suitable organization for this task. ‘In my experience, ICTA has done very well, in terms of playing that role’.

ICTA has carried out many initiatives in bringing the private sector together. ‘ICTA has been able to infuse a vision of where we should be heading as a nation, enabling infrastructure for the government and the country overall to be really digitally enabled. Which is the starting point, if you don’t have this everything else just falls behind. Providing a foundational platform for the private sector to stand upon and reach the stars in many ways. In which we are all very appreciative and ICTA has done a fantastic job’ highlights Ruwindhu. He points out the role of ICTA clearly pointing out the national  agenda that is aligned with countries vision

The startup ecosystem in the country is young but has huge potential to be among the top ecosystems in the world. Disrupt Asia was organized to bring the entire ecosystem to one gathering. Disrupt Asia was proved to be a massive success in both its years. ‘Events like Disrupt Asia are fundamentally important in terms of setting the stage, exposing the country to what the possibilities are and in many ways a celebration of what we are. No one else would’ve done it apart from ICTA and they’ve done a great job in bringing together the entire ecosystem in a very meaningful way’ validates Ruwindhu

‘Over the last two years, ICTA has truly set the bar at a high level when it comes to the quality and magnitude of the how they look at stuff. It has helped the industry set a bar as a whole.’ concludes the chairman of SLASSCOM.

ICTA will continue its support for the IT industry for the foreseeable future and will play its catalytic role in transforming the economy