The legendary term ‘Information Technology (IT)’ is today referring as ‘Information and Communication Technology (ICT)’ due to the importance of the term, ‘Communication’. One of major revolutions in the human history was the invention of telephony which changed human life in many aspects by letting people to communicate from two different locations via transmitting their voice through a piece of wire.

With the digital technological advancements, now it is possible to have live discussions with the person or group of persons in front of you (Tele Presence) like you are having an actual conversation. The planned initiatives with ICTA on developing Digital Infrastructure i.e. Lanka Government Network, Lanka Government Cloud and Free Wi-Fi will take care of serving such needs of the society. Similarly, this highly capable digital infrastructure will ensure that each and every citizen of this country is connected with the digital space in order to enable them to obtain any kind of service digitally in effective and efficient manner.

There are many initiatives planned to ensure the identity of every single person and corporate in the digital space to safeguard the security aspects as well. With all such endeavors, ICTA has planned to convert the entire society in to a cashless society where everybody would perform transactions digitally. Such situations will move our country forward towards a digital economy.

All these major achievements can be accomplished by implementing a scalable, efficient, effective, secure and an advanced digital communication infrastructure facility throughout the country.