As per the vision of the government and the national development agenda, education sector is considered as a key thrust area which directly contributes towards the development of a knowledge based society and knowledge based economy. ICT has a significant level of role in the development of education to the next era. This will directly contributes government policy on “Digitization of the economy” by promoting IT education at all levels of education and made younger generation more accessible to global job opportunities. It also aligns and contributes towards government education policy on “Facilitation to access to the digital world”.

ICTA has already commenced and plans to commence large national level initiatives which facilitates across education sector which focused on providing strengthening education for sustainable development and quality & lifelong learning for all through the use of Digital Technologies. The strategies will be formulated and multiple initiatives will be implemented to achieve above with deploying Digital Education Technology with content and facilitate adoption, facilitating to build eco System in the education sector in ICT interventions and adoption, providing appropriate infrastructure & solutions to facilitate seamless delivery of education locally & Internationally.

ICTA work with all stakeholders in close collaboration to reach the above mentioned end state in a sustainable and most effective manner. This collaborative effort is expected to streamline and ensure the cohesion in all national level ICT development initiatives for the education sector to avoid duplication and to facilitate optimum utilization of resources.