Information and communications technologies (ICTs) are playing an increasingly vital role in the daily lives of all communities by revolutionizing their working procedures and rules of governance. ICTs offer a unique opportunity for governing elite, as ICT has the capacity to empower civil society to play its role more effectively and facilitate the performance of governments’ main function-serving the citizens of the country. Executing in the government sector, ICT applications are promising to enhance the delivery of government services to citizens not only by improving the process and management of government, but also by redefining the traditional concepts associated with it.

ICTA has already invested in diverse e-Government projects to increase the efficiency and effectiveness in local governance, restructure the public service delivery and management functions, ensure social accountability and transparency, assure social inclusiveness, and strengthen the productivity of local authorities. One of the initiatives that ICTA has undertaken is to Implementation of network infrastructure of selected Government ministries. ICTA will facilitate the implementation of Wi-Fi network and ICT infrastructure solution at selected Ministries for effective, efficient and secure use of ICT within the Ministries and expand the services through the Lanka Government Network 2.0 and Lanka Government Cloud service platform. This is effective in developing a successful citizen centric services facility for the government sector in the country.

The main objective of the ICTA’s program on Government is to deliver faster, more efficient, and more transparent government services to all citizens and businesses by improved e-Government solutions. ICTA intends to use ICT to improve the reach and responsiveness of public services, reduce transaction costs, make government more transparent and accountable, and address the urgent needs of under-privileged communities and isolated regions of the country. Therefore, ICTA has initiated diverse projects such as Cross Government Digital Documentation System for selected government organizations, Scanning and digitizing of existing Government documents of Selected government organizations, Digital Document delivery system for post offices island wide, Video conferencing facility for selected government organizations, and also ICTA is working on implementing a Government Data Centre that consolidate all hardware and software resources in a single location and enable access to the services in reliable, efficient and secure managed by Government organizations to offer Citizen Services. ICTA anticipates that through the vigorous execution of ICTs in Government sector will result in creating a knowledge society and increased citizen engagement in the government services as well.