Transportation is one of the key components which has direct impacts on economy of the country. As a nation aiming at reaching rapid developments goals throughout the next years, problems in transportation sector have to be solved; and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can play a key role in this. Areas such as increasing number of vehicles entering to the country, road traffic, expansions of expressways and railways, public transport, environmental impacts and convenience have become more important. In this context, effective usage of ICT, emerging technologies and proper governance and regulatory frameworks are essential.

ICTA has already worked in this area. Aligned with the national policy of ‘Digitization of the Economy’, ICTA will expedite the initiatives with the collaborations with relevant government and other organizations/entities such as National Transport Commission, Ministry of Transport and Department of Motor Traffic. Finalizing related data classifications in the domain, introducing proper ICT solutions and streamlining related services and introducing convenient transport card solutions for all transportation needs will be few such initiatives.