ICTA launches first National ICT Industry Survey

The Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) has launched the first National ICT Industry Survey. Called the National ICT Industry Survey 2009, the survey is executed under the guidance of the Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E) unit of ICTA and will be implemented by GreenTech Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd.
ICTA has taken steps to conduct this first National ICT Industry Survey parallel to the ICT workforce survey 2009 which was also launched recently. ICTA Monitoring and Evaluation Programme Head, Jagath Seneviratne, said “While the aim of the workforce survey is to elicit a clear understanding of the extent and the composition of ICT-BOP workforce in Sri Lanka and weigh it against the supply of skilled personnel, the purpose of this first National ICT Industry Survey is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the present status and future trends in the industry” . In doing so the survey will also capture the fundamental constructs of individual industry players and their perceptions on the future of the industry as well as barriers to progress and development efforts.
The ICT industry, telecoms, telephony, the BPO sector, the internet, the regulatory and policy environment and the national initiatives – including e-Sri Lanka, studies in the health sector and education sector – will come within the ambit of the survey. In particular the survey will focus on aspects directly relevant to e-Sri Lanka projects and forward planning, Seneviratne explained.
The areas the National ICT Industry Survey will seek information on mainly are: (1) type of products, (2) what markets the industry serves, (3) present status and the growth of the industry in terms of sales volume and turnover, (4) investment in research and development, (5) growth strategies and (6) perception of industrialists on policy and development aspects of the industry.
While the workforce survey covers about 600 organisations this first National ICT Industry Survey sample covers about 350 organisations and a large number of Key Informant Interviews with the industry specialists.
This National ICT Industry Survey will bridge the information gap in the industry and the successful completion of the survey will provide useful information for formulating policy and determining commitments in the future.
ICTA encourages all selected survey respondents to contribute to the successful implementation of the survey by providing up-to-date and accurate information. Data collection will begin around the third week of October 2009 and the final report is expected in February 2010.

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Eurocenter enables e-services for ICTA’s Lanka Gate Project

In a move that is poised to make public service revolutionarily comfortable, the ICT Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) awarded a ‘Lanka Gate e-Services Project’ to Eurocenter DDC recently. The undertaking by the Eurocenter DDC is for developing online services at three Government institutions.  These three institutions are  the Department of Labour, the Department of  Motor Traffic and the National Transport Medical Institute.

The main objective of Lanka Gate is to deliver e-services to the general public through a common portal via service portals, adopting a Virtual Business Transformational approach, ICTA sources said.

The initial phase of this project will consist in enabling e-services at seven selected Government institutions. Among these seven institutions where the above-mentioned ICTA-initiated e-service enabling project will be implemented during the first phase, are four Departments, an Institute, a Board and a Bureau.  The Departments are the Labour Department, Motor Traffic Department, Immigration and Emigration Department and the Examinations Department. The National Transport Medical Institute, National Water Supply and Drainage Board and Foreign Employment Bureau are the other institutions where enabling of e-services will take place during the initial phase.

The Department of Labour intends to make comprehensive citizen services related to EPF issues available on-line. This will  provide the working public with easy around–the-clock access to EPF related information such as account balance details and refund status details.

The services to be provided by the Department of Motor Traffic, will assist the general public to view vehicle information contained in the Certificate of Registration (CR).  Besides viewing the CR or ‘vehicle book,’ the people will be able to reserve online, a vehicle number of their choice (within three series ahead).  This will  eliminate the need for the people to wait in long queues. Most of these services include secure online payments as well.

The National Transport Medical Institute, the authorising body for issuing medical certificates for heavy vehicle drivers, will provide online facilities to applicants. This will include the facility of  enabling them to register online for medical checkups at a time convenient to them. While this service is simple and easy, it removes the hassle of the heavy vehicle driver spending long hours at the institute premises to obtain medical certificates.

ICTA which facilitates this project was established to develop and enrich the economy of Sri Lanka through ICT. Over the years, ICTA, under the e-Sri Lanka initiative, has spearheaded many projects to enhance the ICT sector in Sri Lanka.  Appreciating the endeavour of local companies to deliver software on a par with international quality standards, ICTA CEO Reshan Dewapura, said: “We are very happy that a local company is helping to deliver world class software in Sri Lanka”.

Eurocenter DDC is a CMMi Level 3, ISO 9001:2008 and Microsoft Gold Certified software engineering Company with offices located in Colombo, Sri Lanka and Oslo, Norway. Having earned high international recognition since its inception in 2000, Eurocenter DDC delivers hgh-end custom engineered, high quality software engineering services to its global clientele and has established a strong foundation of customers within multiple businesses and cultural environments.

“ICTA’s partnership with Eurocenter is yet another testimony to our capability and efficiency to deliver high quality software services”, Eurocenter DDC CEO Mano Sekaram said.

Eurocenter enables e-services
Mano Sekaram, CEO of Eurocenter exchanging agreements with Reshan Dewapura, CEO of ICTA

ICTA’s 1919 Project Wins Award as Best e-Content Product in the World!

The ICT Agency of Sri Lanka attracts international attention for creating the world’s best e-Content. The multimedia product “Government Information Center (GIC)” has won the World Summit Award (WSA 09) with a single, electronic, trilingual (Sinhala, Tamil and English) knowledge base of 1,600 services available to citizens from 77 key government organizations. For more information visit the homepage www.gic.gov.lk .


With this, the GIC has approximately outrun 20.000 other products and projects from 157 countries participating in the 4th edition of the WSA, the United Nations based contest for e-content and creativity in the Information Society.

The global contest on creativity generated content is taking place every two years as a follow-on activity to the UN World Summit on Information Society. This year 545 national finalists from the United Nations Member States were selected by 34 eminent e-Content experts in New Delhi.

The submitted projects were nominated in one of the eight WSA categories to receive global acknowledgement as the world’s Best in e-Content. Australia, Austria, Canada and New Zealand dominate this years winners list.

“In contrast to mass TV and newspapers, the new media do not concentrate in one country or one region; we do not see a digital Hollywood or digital Fleet street. Rather, the most interesting e-Contents come from smaller markets, and there from smaller players.

They appear to be much more in touch with users and their communities. Local content, not global, triumphs in terms of quality” concludes from the Jury proceedings Peter A. Bruck, WSA Chairman. The WSA is a global not-for-profit activity promoting the most outstanding achievements as a flagship partnership initiative of the UN’s Global Alliance for ICT and Development and in close collaboration with UNESCO, UNIDO, ISOC and a worldwide network of Partners.

“The GIC has handled over two million telephone calls in the last two years during which it has been functioning – averaging over 1,500 calls a day which goes up to 2,500 calls when we have a media campaign.” Reshan Dewapura, Chief Operating Officer of the Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) which maintains the Government Information Centre, said.

“The public can call 1919 to access the service run by the GIC which operates from 8 am till 8 pm and is staffed by officers who can handle queries in all three languages, Sinhala, Tamil and English,” Wasantha Deshapriya, Director Re-engineering Government said.

WSA was started as an Austrian initiative in the framework of the United Nations World Summit on Information Society in 2003. Today, it is the world’s leading contest for excellence and creativity and e-Content production and a global hub dedicated to closing the digital content divide and narrowing the content gap between different regions of the world. Key sponsors of the WSA include the global Internet Society and Indigo Brainmedia – the leading and most innovative digital magazine from Latin America, which won the WSA in the e-Entertainment category in 2007 and since then entered into a long term visionary as the main supporter and sponsor.

The WSA 09 Winners’ Gala, WSA Winners Conference and Exhibition will take place in Monterrey, Mexico, September 2-5, 09 in collaboration with the UN GAID’s Global Forum.

Sourced by : http://community.telecentre.org