IT / ITES Vendor Certification Programme

The project promotes Certified IT/ITES skills among entry level IT/ITES candidates, by reimbursing a portion of the fee for international vendor certification held by globally recognized technology vendors. This thereby creates a pool of candidates that are ICT literate and suitable for entry into the local and international ICT workforce.

In achieving the objectives, ICTA engages with accredited testing centers across the island making this offer open to any Sri Lankan who wishes to be certified. Over the course of the year, the scheme reimburses the respective students via the accredited testing centers.


•    To create internationally certified professionals in Sri Lanka
•    To set the trend of linking with international bodies for international certifications
•    To drive individuals to become internationally recognized domain experts

In Essence

The IT/ITES Vendor Certification Program funded by the Government through ICTA, promotes Certified IT / ITES skill availability in Sri Lanka.


Industry Associations

•    Increased availability of IT/ITES Certified skill.

  • 2400+ vouchers provided for entry level vendor certifications.
  • 4500+ international certificate holders