Single Window for cross Government (Government Information Process Exchange-GIPx)

The project will procure and obtain the services of a consultancy firm to assist ICTA and the Technical Evaluation Committee, in formulating the description of services along with the other aspects involved, in the procurement of a service provider to entrust the responsibilities of recruitments of GIPx.

The consultant firm is required to carry out the requirement analysis, formulate the scope of service with the self-expertise, formulate evaluation criteria and engage/assist with ICTA and the Technical Evaluation Committee for procurement evaluations and other assigned tasks and involve in service inception phase with the selected vendor. The assignment will be a maximum duration of 04 months
The expected main impacts are to have efficient cross-border trade, higher efficiency and productivity in the government, more satisfied business community, elimination of misuse of government funds, lower corruption in transactions due to availability of data electronically and create more satisfied citizens enjoying a higher level of living standards.
Project initiated in 2016 is expected to be complete by 2018.


•    identify separate service clusters within the government services
•    implement all essential services associated with that cluster as a separate sub project
•    upgrade the current middleware infrastructure
•    add vital core components to facilitate the implementation of cluster based services (e.g. message broker component)
•    establish single window portals for identified domains, in order to improve connected governmental services offered by respective organizations having associated functions
•    prioritize trade and social welfare single window portals