Quality Coder 2017v1.0

Quality Coder 2017v1.0 was initiated by ICTA in 2017 with the goal of positioning Sri Lanka as a country outputting code of high quality. By this project, it is expected to cater the common issues among the Sri Lankan IT industry where high paid experienced individuals are forced to fix mundane errors in code or send it back and forth to ensure the code is of high quality when working with employees with less experience.

According to various parties ICTA have worked with, it was identified that Code Quality Standards should be taught from the start therefore the universities will output developers who are highly employable and ready to hit the ground running. If this was the case organizations will have much of a less burden in getting the new employees used to the industries standards and ensure they develop code which is easy to work with.

To overcome this, ICTA together with key individuals from Zone24x7, SyscoLABS, Virtusa, 99xTechnology, iTelaSoft, WSO2 & Tiqri initiated Quality Coder 2017v1.0 Training Programme. It is a mechanism to short circuit the years that an employee takes to learn the art of coding maintainable code.

‘Quality Coder’ hand book was developed using the curriculum used in the training programme which guides the developers with the best practices and knowledge extracted from a blend of the industry experts in the IT industry to produce high quality software products.

How to use the book

This book has been developed as a self-learning tool with practical exercises. Some chapters are linked to YouTube videos to guide and support the readers learn more effectively. Anyone interested in developing code with high quality and with best practices, this is a guiding instrument to becoming a Quality Coder! New to coding? If you are an undergraduate or an intern, with a desire to code with excellence, it is strongly recommended that together with the manual you obtain the support of an IT instructor or a senior software developer to best utilize the overall impact of the tool

In Essence

Quality Coder program is directed to cater the common issue among the Sri Lankan IT industry where experienced individuals are forced to fix errors in code to ensure the high quality when working with inexperienced employees. A 3-day intensive programme was conducted to develop a set of quality coders at the pilot phase. Based on their feedback, a curriculum was developed using the content of the training programme which was developed with the support of external IT experts from leading IT companies.

Sri Lanka holds the reputation of exporting code of high quality but the industry claims that this quality is upheld by the direct efforts of the senior developers who have to fix the mundane errors of the developers below them. This has been a growing issue in the Sri Lankan ICT industry as brought up by many stakeholders with no proven mechanism to overcome this time-consuming effort in developing quality code.

Quality Coder is a mechanism to short circuit this time-consuming effort that an employee will take to learn the art of coding maintainable code. This focuses on uplifting the efficiency and standard of the software products quality from the early stage built in the country.

Key Individuals from

  • Zone24x7
  • SyscoLABS
  • Virtusa
  • 99xTechnology
  • iTelaSoft
  • WSO2
  • Tiqri

gave their support and expertise in developing the curriculum and planning out the program. These organizations also contributed their top employees to come in as speakers and mentors to guide the participants toward a career with quality code.

  • A total of 35 people were trained successfully through the three-day programme with 95% of overall satisfaction.