Birth, Marriage, Death (BMD)

Initiated on 2016, the BMD project was one of the key re-engineering government projects implemented by ICT agency of Sri Lanka in collaboration with the Registrar General’s Department (RGD). Having completed the initial phases aimed at testing public document conversation concepts and their feasibility at the national level, phase 2 is to be rolled out with rapid deployment at remaining divisional secretariats.
The existing solution shall be enhanced by leveraging advancements of IT and digital communications. It shall also be integrated with the national middleware infrastructure to share related information to stakeholder organizations that require BMD related information for verification proposes in conducting their services. The BMD service shall be available online via the internet and through mobile services.
While serving Citizens, Government Organizations, Registrar of Persons, the Consular Division of Foreign Ministry, Registrar General’s Department and Divisional Secretariat offices, the key stakeholders of this solution include the District Secretary, Registrar General’s Department and the Ministry of Public Administration and ICTA.
Estimated completion: 2018



•    facilitate real time online verification of BMD related information
•    facilitate payment mechanisms such as credit cards, mobile money and direct fund transfers via Lanka Government payment service 2.0.
•    improve efficiency and productivity of government operations
•    eliminate the misuse of government funds