Development of Electronic Services

Electronic Services (eServices) development is one of the key initiatives of ICTA which provides government services to citizens electronically through multiple delivery channels. Since 2009, ICTA has launched more than 50 eServices offered through approximately 23 government organizations.
While expanding the existing eServices base to another level, new set of eService development projects are planned to be started from January, 2017. Further a set of new eGovernment projects are also scheduled to be implemented targeting a more streamlined government system, utilizing ICT. Along with the said implementations, it has been identified that in meeting the precise requirements of each project, the artifacts needs to be reviewed through an independent party at technical planning and the quality assurance stages, ensuring a quality output.



• Ensure the availability of more complete government online services offered through the internet and /or mobile services accessible 24×7.
• Achieve high level of living standards for citizens, more satisfied citizens, higher efficiency and productivity in government operations and lower corruption in transactions due to availability of data electronically.
• Efficient online payment mechanism coupled with government services, leveraging Internet payment gateways and mobile payments.


• Government services offered through the Internet and/or mobile services (i.e. SMS based, mobile apps) to citizens in more structured and reliable way.
• More inter-connected Government IT solutions.
• ICT platforms to facilitate in government functionality monitoring.


• Increased satisfaction of the beneficiaries & reduced complaints.
• Improved efficiency and productivity of stakeholders and overall government services.
• Improved monitoring and reporting mechanisms.
• Lower corruption.
• Positive perception of population towards the government.
• Improved living standards for citizens.
• Increased government income.

In Essence

Electronic Services (eServices) development is one of the key initiatives of ICTA which provides government services to citizens electronically through multiple delivery channels.

• Reduce the transportation requirements of citizens in obtaining government services, creating less number of queues in government organizations that consumes a larger amount of time to access to services.
• Contribute to better air quality and a better environment through the lowered traveling needs.
• Higher satisfaction levels of the citizens over the government service consumptions and would facilitate in the development of a healthier society.
• Up lifted living standards among the citizens.

ICTA has implemented more than 50 eServices offered by approx. 23 government organizations to-date below are few Online services (eServices) offered to citizens via

Current status
• 5 eServices launched for year 2017
• 6 eService are ready to be launched
• Continuous Support and Maintenance services for 50+ eServices in operation
• Survey is carried out to identify most viable eServices for year 2018

Below are few online services (eServices) offered to citizens via

Government Organization eService
Provincial Departments of Motor Traffic Revenue License Issuance Service
Revenue License Active/Expiry Status
Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka Online Reservoirs Storage Details Inquiry
Online Reservation of Circuit Bungalows
Department of Examinations Exam Certificates and Copies Issuance
View Exam Results
National Water Supply & Drainage Board Online Bill Payments
Sri Lanka Railways Train Schedule Inquiry
Sri Lanka Tea Board Online Reasonable Price Inquiry
Online Elevational Average Price Inquiry
Department of Motor Traffic (DMT) View Vehicle information
Viewing of Ongoing Vehicle Registration Number by Vehicle Category
Sri Lanka Postal Department Online Postal Code Inquiry
Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affaires Online LIFe Location Code information
University Grant Commission (UGC) University Admission Results
Employee Trust Fund Board (ETF) View ETF Member Balances
ETF Member Management Services for Employers
Claim Application Status Inquiry
Department of Wildlife Conservation Reservation of Bungalows at Wildlife Parks
Reservation Status Inquiry of Bungalows
Colombo Municipal Council Property Tax (Rates) Payments and Balance Inquiry
Trade Tax (Taxes imposed for trades) payments and balance Inquiry
Payments for Tax on businesses (e.g. special businesses like Pawn shops) and balance Inquiry
Market Rental (Rentals for market places) Payments and Balance Inquiry
House Rental Payments and Balance Inquiry
Shops and Boutiques Rental Payments and Balance Inquiry
Hawkers Rental (rentals for very small shops) Payments and Balance Inquiry
Balance Inquiry of Different Tax Types
Rubber Development Department Rubber Auction Price Inquiry
Department of Police Issuance of  Police Clearance Certificate
Clearance Certificate Application Status Inquiry
Department of Commerce Issuance of Certificate of Origin
Check the Validity of Issued Certificate
Marine Environment Protection Authority Advance Notification for Ships to Arrive to Sri Lanka
Submit Waste Disposal Requests
Submit Ballast Water Disposal Information
Central Cultural Fund Online Issuance of Tickets for Tourists to Visit Heritage Sites
Department of Forest Online Reservation of Bungalows