eLocal Governance Initiative

The ‘eLocal Government Project’ looks at the services of the 18 Municipal Councils, 42 Urban Councils and 270 Pradeshiya Sabhas in the island.
It asks the questions ‘do people face problems in obtaining the services the local government authorities are expected to deliver to the people? Are the current 330 local authorities in Sri Lanka delivering efficiently the service they are entrusted with?’


• Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness in governance and service delivery process
• Streamline internal management processes
• Promoting effective service delivery process
• Assure citizen friendly delivery of services
• Improve social accountability and transparency
• Enhance social inclusiveness and access to opportunities
• Strengthen the revenue base of the Local Government Authorities
• Encourage participatory good governance
• Improved management in socio-economic development
• Improve the Doing Business Index significantly to attract investors to Sri Lanka


Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR)
A BPR study has been conducted in order to
• Review and document existing policies, strategies, processes and systems

• Identity the existing communication mechanism and the monitoring system at Local Authorities.

• Re-engineering existing key processes and their supporting processes

• Review and re-design technical and information architecture of Divisional Secretariats

• Produce BPR reports and Functional Specifications of the newly proposed technical and information architecture

In Essence

None of this work could be achieved without the tremendous support from our donors.
Funded by
Government of Sri Lanka

Directed By
Ministry of Provincial Councils & Local Government

Guided By
Ministry of Telecommunication & Digital Infrastructure

Partnered By
The Asia Foundation (TAF)
World Bank – NELSIP
Asian Development Bank (ADB) – Puraneguma
Sri Lanka Institute of Local Government (SLILG)
Federation of Sri Lankan Local Government Authorities (FSLGA)

30 sites replicated
3 Test sites
80 eLG sited by 2018

eLG – Product

This electronic and mobile based software product, has being developed to be freely deployed at all Local Authorities of Sri Lanka, to meet their generic requirements.
The development of the eLocal Government (eLG) solution is carried out in two phases. In the first phase, the functions related to handling regular payments, and applications at local authorities are developed. Subsequently, in phase two, functionalities related to citizen participation in local government and managing regular services will be developed. Thus, the current version (on operational) of eLG solution consists of handling regular payments and applications.
eLocal Government Rollout Project (eLGRO), involves implementing the eLG product in different types of local authorities dispersed around the country.
• Solution Developed by HSENID, WSO2 & Respere
• Current Situation Analyzed by Skills International

For Citizens

Improved attitude of local government staff towards customer orientation and citizen centric service provision and social accountability.
Local Authorities are closest to citizens’ everyday needs, and thereby the system has been developed mainly focusing on following:
• Accessible anytime, anywhere and by any means
• Online experience
• Active interactions & engagements

We Collaborate with

Local Authorities

• Developed with the eLG Product with Seethawaka Urban Council, Negombo Municipal Council & Homagama Pradeshiya Sabha
• Enhancing doing business with Colombo Municipal Council
• eLocal Government Rollout

Phase one replication – 30 Local Authorities

Ja-ela Urban Council, Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte Municipal Council, Kaluthara Urban Council, Beruwala Urban Council, Boralesgamuwa Urban Council, Horana Urban Council, Badulla Municipal Council, Bandarawela Municipal Council, Butthala Pradeshiya Sabha, Karachchi Pradeshiya Sabha, (Kilinochchi), Puthukuddirupu Pradeshiya Sabha, Valikamam South Pradeshiya Sabha, Embilipitiya Urban Council, NuwaraEliya Pradeshiya Sabha, Kegalla UC, Wariyapola Pradeshiya Sabha, Naththandiya Pradeshiya Sabha, Kuliyapitiya Urban Council, Rambawa Pradeshiya Sabha, Thamankaduwa Pradeshiya Sabha, Matale Pradeshiya Sabha, Pujapitiya Pradeshiya Sabha, Kattankudy Urban Council, Sammanthurai Pradeshiya Sabha, Vavuniya Urban Council, Mannar Urban Council, Trincomalee Urban Council
Phase two replication – 100 Local Authorities
Phase three replication – 205 sites Local Authorities


e-LG Social Forums are focused on creating awareness and opportunity for representatives of citizen interest groups.
•    Create the required environment for anyone who is interested and actively involved with developing the standards of services for citizens
•    Using first hand information from the public, provided by the public to make more relevant decisions on behalf of them
•    To create interest among local citizens regarding the e-LG solution


• establish government network with 20/50/100 Mbps last mile connectivity to each government organization including post offices
• establish wireless networks at each government location
• enable access to unlimited Hi-Speed secure internet facility for government organizations( 5 Gbps up to 10 Gbps)
• enable access to unlimited Hi-Speed secure internet facility for government organizations
• enable access to Lanka Government cloud (LGC) services from any government organization
• enable of integration with existing networks in GoSL with LGN in a secure manner
• offer a better and cost effective communication platform to users
• provide trusted and secured connectivity to exchange government data