The Department of Motor Traffic with the support from ICTA has initiated the project ‘eMotoring’ and has conducted a comprehensive System Audit, Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) and a System Study in 2009/10 by focusing on six functional areas including;

•    Registration of Importers, Manufacturers and Vehicles
•    Registration of 1st Owner of Vehicle
•    Registration of Changes to Ownership and Changes in Attributes
•    Managing Revenue Collection Agencies and Service Providers
•    Complaints, Investigations & Query Management Process
•    Document Management Process

The existing study need to be reviewed and validated by identifying new functional requirements within the processes at the DMT, studying the current legal environment related to the functions of DMT, proposing the latest and state of the art technology wherever necessary, studying the current and future ICT initiatives identified by the government (mainly by ICTA) and providing recommendations for seamless integrations.




The BPR requires revalidation in both functional and technical aspects to map with the current requirement technology trends. Therefore, review of the existing BPR documentation by carrying out a gap analysis of the process and incorporation of new functional and technological requirements to re-produce the BPR document are required.

In Essence

Validating BPR document will be supported for eMotoring solution by providing flawless specification for the implementation.

•    Improved the efficiency and effectiveness of eMotoring system.
•    Streamlined the functionalities of the eMotoring system.
•    Improved environmental conditions.
•    Satisfied staff within DMT and other satisfied stakeholders