Sri Lanka has recorded a higher ICT literacy rate in comparison with the rest of the Asia pacific region. According to the statistics published by the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka, the internet penetration in Sri Lanka is increasing at a rapid rate. Therefore it is expected that, in future, more people will use internet for fulfilling their daily needs. This is a trend prevalent in many developing countries. Therefore in consideration of this trend, many governments around the world are working on providing government services online, where the online services are provided in a citizen friendly manner while improving the internal efficiency of respective government organizations.

Under the mandate of the e-Sri Lanka initiative, ICTA has already implemented over 50 eServices offered by government organizations. These eServices are delivered to citizens via web and mobile and Government Information Center (GIC) channels. However the currently offered number of eServices has not been attractive enough for citizens and businesses to use online services, instead of visiting respective government organizations to obtain same services. Therefore there is a need to offer more key eServices which are important for citizens and business.

In Essence

In order to offer the total package of sub-services, which are required to complete online transactions, ICTA has developed all necessary components as part of the ‘Lanka Gate’ initiative. The key components of Lanka Gate includes, a) the Country Portal (, which is the government online services delivery channel via internet, b) the Mobile Portal, which is the government mobile services delivery channel, c) Lanka Government Payment Service, which is a common payment service having internet payment gateways (IPG) and mobile payment gateways already integrated, and d) Government SMS service (GovSMS), which is the government SMS services delivery channel.

Government Organization # eService Service Type
Provincial Department of Motor Traffic (WP/SP/EP/NWP) 1 Revenue License Issuance Service Paying
2 Revenue License active/expiry status Information
Sri Lanka Police 3 Police Clearance Certificate status enquiry Information
Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka 4 Reservoirs Storage Details enquiry Information
Department of Examinations 5 Certificates and Copies Issuance Paying
National Water Supply & Drainage Board 6 Bill Payments Information /Paying
Sri Lanka Railways 7 Purchase of Tender Documents Paying
8 Train Schedule Enquiry Information
Sri Lanka Tea Board 9 Reasonable Price Enquiry Information
10 Elevational Average Price Enquiry Information
Merchant Shipping Division 11 Shipping Agent License Issuance /Renewal Paying
12 Container Operator License Issuance /Renewal Paying
13 Freight Forwarders and NVOCC License /Renewal Paying
14 Vessel Wise License Issuance Paying
15 Addition of Principals License Issuance Paying
Dept. of Government Factory 16 Purchase of Tender Documents Paying
Department of Motor Traffic (DMT) 17 Online purchase of vehicle information Paying
18 View Vehicle information Information
19 Viewing of ongoing vehicle registration number by vehicle category Information
Sri Lanka Postal Department 20 Postal code enquiry Information
Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affaires 21 LIFe Location Code information Information
Tea Small Holding Development Authority 22 Online Application Transactions
23 Application/Permit status enquiry Information
24 Request inspection or advisory services Information
25 Inform deposit of payments Information
Ceylon Fisheries Corporation 26 Daily Fish Prices Information
University Grant Commission (UGC) 27 University Admission results Information
Employee Trust Fund Board (ETF) 28 View ETF Member Balances Information
29 ETF Member management service for Employers Transaction
30 Claim Application Status Enquiry Information
Department of Examination 31 View Exam Results Information
Department of Wildlife Conservation 32 Reservation of Bungalows at Wildlife parks Payment
33 Bungalows Reservation Status Enquiry Information
Colombo Municipal Council 34 Property Tax (Rates) payments and balance enquiry Paying
35 Trade Tax (Taxes imposed for trades) payments and balance enquiry Paying
36 Payments for Tax on businesses (e.g. special businesses like Pawn shops) and balance enq. Paying
37 Market Rental (Rentals for market places) payments and balance enquiry Paying
38 House Rental payments and balance enquiry Paying
39 Shops and Boutiques Rental payments and balance enquiry Paying
40 Hawkers Rental (rentals for very small shops) payments and balance enquiry Paying
41 Balance Enquiry of Different Tax Types Information
Rubber Development Department 42 Rubber Auction Price Enquiry Information
Department of Police 43 Issuance of  Police Clearance Certificate Paying
44 Clearance Certificate Application Status Enquiry Information
Department of Commerce 45 Issuance of Certificate of Origin Payment
46 Check the Validity of Issued Certificate Information
Marine Environment Protection Authority 47 Advance Notification for Ships to Arrive to Sri Lanka Information
48 Submit Waste Disposal Requests Transaction
49 Submit Ballast Water Disposal Information Information