National Data Center


Why build a National Data Center (NDC)

As a requirement of the Government’s policy to make information resources widely available and accessible to all, it has become necessary to build a National Data Centre infrastructure to facilitate the consolidation and aggregation of all the Government’s key computing infrastructure in secure, highly available and resilient facilities.

About the NDC

The National Data Centre infrastructure will consist of a primary Data Centre and secondary data center, fully replicated facility in the information technology interior of the country. The proposed data center will be a Tier 3 Data Center that will cater to legacy bare metal caging, standard rack-space consolidation, and cloud services consolidation. The National Data Center (NDC) will consolidate all hardware and software resources in to a single location, with the aim of offering central hosting and managed services for all the institutions of the Government including cost effective software application solutions.

Benefits of NDC

NDC will enable access to the e-Government services reliably, efficiently and securely. ICTA will study and design the NDC by considering impact to environment, costs, suitable locations for primary Data Center and Secondary: disaster recovery center, implementation methodology, resource requirements, security, efficiency, reliability and overall architectural designs.

National Data Centre will be a priority as the electronic data requirement by Government organizations and Citizens will be high. The Data center will save costs towards decentralized operations in maintaining and purchasing hardware and software. Overall, the Government data will be located at a central location for consumption and analysis. Further, the NDC will lead the country towards digitized economy and improved levels of efficiency, while joining hands with the new and emerging world and preventing all forms of corruption and irregularities.

ICTA will support, operate, and maintain the NDC on behalf of all the Government and will provide all necessary supporting ICT services to all the ministries, departments and other government organizations and institutes. Therefore, all government organizations will be relieved of the burden of hosting their own applications and obtaining speedier and secure networking facilities which will allow them to increase productivity of their services to the citizens.

It is expected that this project set up will be completed in and implemented by 2019.


By establishing the Government Data centre it is proposed to reduce costs towards hardware and software resources and decentralized operations. The Government Data centre will consolidate all hardware and software resources in a single location and enable access to the services in reliable, efficient and secure managed by Government organizations to offer Citizen Services. Government Data centre will hold Government data of all the Government institutions and offer software application services.


In Essence

Improved efficiency, reduced costs in providing Government services efficiently, securely and reliably to the all the stakeholders of the Government.

All government ministries, departments and organizations