Government web Development and Government Internet Data Center (GIDC)

Public sector of Sri Lanka is yet to harness the potential of Internet to provide their information and services due to few reasons such as
1. Low penetration of Internet which results in
a) Ignorance of the capabilities of websites to disseminate the information and provide services to their clients
b) Lack of recipients for web based information and services
2. Lack of in-house know-how on web related issues
3. Lack of technical and financial assistance related to web activities such as web development and hosting

Reengineering Government Programme has launched many projects to address above issues. For example LakGovNet project would increase the Internet penetration in the public sector immensely while Government ICT Training project would equip around 10,000 government officers with ICT knowledge and skills in the near future.

In parallel to above initiatives Re-Gov programme has taken two major steps to increase the government web presence.
(A). Government Web Development Project which provides necessary assistance for constructing the websites or revamping the existing websites of the government organizations.
(B). Government Internet Data Center (GIDC) which provides web hosting facilities for the government


The approach of the Re-Gov programme is to select several web developers (through the tender process) and assign them with the development of websites for selected government organizations for developing websites.

The web developers will work with relevant government organizations under the supervision and guidance of Re-Gov Programme.

In order to facilitate common approach for government web development Re-Gov Programme has formulated 3 documents to guide the government organizations as well as web developers a set of web development guidelines for government.
1. Web development guidelines for government organizations
2. Government ICT standards – which set down the web development standards
3. Proposed structure for government websites – This outlines a general structure for government websites
All the organizations that are participated in this project to develop their websites will get the free web hosting facilities for three years, at the Government Internet Data Center

In Essence

(A) Government Web Development Project
The main objective of the project is to increase the Sri Lankan government web presence. This aims at encouraging the public organisation in dissemination of information and delivery of services through Internet by providing financial and technical assistant to construct public websites. This service is provided to government as a complete free service.

(B) GIDC is the government owned Internet Data Center where all government organizations can host their websites and web services free of charge. GIDC consists of all required components of an Internet data center such as security, payment gateways etc. but at the first stage GIDC is only providing web hosting space for the government organizations.

Organization Type No of websites
Ministries 20
Departments 37
Authority 07
Boards 04
Bureaus 03
Commissions 05
Corporations 03
Councils 01
Foundations 01
Institutes 14
Institutes 14
Institutes 14
Secretariats 2
Organization under provincial Councils 44
Divisional Secretariats 331
District Secretariats 25