Imagine IF Entrepreneurship Bootcamps

ImagineIF program that actively supports undergraduates who are aspiring to be entrepreneurs, was conceptualized in consultation with the University Grants Commission (UGC), state and non-state university academics, administrative bodies of universities and the startup ecosystem. ‘ImagineIF’ is a series of workshops targeting undergraduates (supply side of the human capital) and aiming at building an entrepreneurial mindset and transforming viable business ideas to globally scalable startups.

The program runs in workshop style for three days in a hosting university. The first day of the workshop brings to light the basic concepts of entrepreneurship and educates the participants on how to validate an idea, how to market products, how to research and come up with new ideas whilst converting that to a more feasible business model in the market. The second day of the workshop filled with fun and enthusiasm as the students are asked to form groups and fabricate viable business concepts. In parallel, mentoring sessions take place facilitated by a group of industry experts and entrepreneurs who volunteer and educate the participants with much needed knowledge on developing their business plans upon the business idea. The third day proves to be very interactive, supported by mentoring and facilitation, followed by a pitching competition which allows the participants to present their business models in front of a panel of judges who eventually awards the participants with industry validated certificates.
This long-term initiative will bode well for the start-up ecosystem as the students who are eager to move to the next step will join hands with their colleagues to develop their business plans and implement them in the future. Moreover, these workshops help in shaping the university students from a younger age expecting them to develop thinking and reasoning skills, problem solving skills and researching skills to eventually create globally scalable start-ups.

In Essence

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1447 undergraduates and 2870 school students benefiting through the program from 2018-19
874 individuals mentored on business plans
140 business ideas pitched on stage