Implementing an ICT Solution for the Government Analyst’s Department

Government Analyst’s Department (GAD) engages with very important high level activities to assist the Government to ensure food safety and to maintain law and order. The GAD works with law enforcement authorities and other relevant organizations closely.  However, data entry, data analysis and case tracking is mainly performed using manual or some legacy systems which are not capable of increasing the efficiency or effectiveness of the laboratory information system.
ICT can significantly be used for effective and efficient management of Laboratory information system of the GAD. Both internal and external stakeholders of the Department and citizens will be benefited in numerous ways by introducing a proper ICT Solution.



The efficiency and the effectiveness of the functions of the GAD can be significantly increased by Information and Communication Technology, thereby making internal users, external stakeholders and citizens satisfied. Since the current manual system which do not have the capability to meet the current requirements, it is intended to develop a centralized and integrated software solution which will facilitate all core functions of the Department. A proper ICT solution will improve the overall performance of GAD so that it can adhere with the standards used by similar organizations in other countries.

In Essence

The projects of Implementing an ICT Solution for the Government Analyst’s Department is funded by the Government through ICTA, to significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the functions of the department by introducing a proper ICT solution.

•    Effective and efficient processes of GAD
•    Improved law enforcement service to the citizen
•    Well trained ICT literate staff
•    ICT facilitated environment with the relevant equipment to ensure the smooth operation of the system
•    Improved safeness of the community environment by ensuring the justice is being served
•    Alignment with international standards and procedures

Hands on training
•    GAD – 50 participants
•    GAD – 50 participants
Network infrastructure
•    Wireless Access Controller – 01
•    Wireless Access Point – 10
•    Manageable 24 Port Switch – 01
•    Rack Mountable 24 Port UTP Patch Panel – 01