IT Internship Support Programme

It has been widely identified and verified, that it is not labor but skilled labor who will be the best fitted to IT careers in local IT industry. Therefore, IT Internship Support Programme was introduced to enhance the employment quotient.

The programme will be executed by incentivizing the IT companies/ IT departments to open up more employment opportunities for interns. The programme will roll throughout the year, opening more internship opportunities for the fresh IT individuals. The programme focuses on IT fresher’s entrepreneurship development simultaneously by opening up employments spaces in IT Tech start-up’s where the entrepreneurship cultivates.


•    To enhance the employment quotient of the graduates and the diploma holders.
•    To drive the entrepreneurial skills of the IT graduates who has the drive and the technical know-how

In Essence

•    Enhance the employment quotient of the IT graduates and the IT Diploma Holders

•    2 rounds are to be rolled out by benefiting approximately 40 interns within 2017