Lanka Government Cloud 1.0

Cloud computing has emerged significantly and many businesses and governments worldwide entertain number of benefits by subscribing to the services offered by clouds. Under the ‘Lanka Gate’ project of the e-Sri Lanka initiative, the primary objective of this hardware infrastructure was to host a group of systems including Lanka Gate, Country Portal, Mobile Portal, associated e-Services and other re-engineering government solutions. This hardware infrastructure was designed in such a manner that it can be expanded to support not only the systems listed above, but also it can meet IT system requirements of the entire government organizations. Furthermore, this model could entertain hardware (server) requirements of any government organization which is willing to leverage on this infrastructure to add physical hardware resources to increase the scalability. Along with the ‘Government Community Cloud’ concept, this framework of hardware and network infrastructure is named as ‘Lanka Government Cloud (LGC)’.

LGC was implemented in 2011, and LGC is primarily designed for the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) delivery model which is the most common cloud delivery model. However, Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) delivery models are also desirable for government for hosting some categories of application. ICTA has already deployed several applications under SaaS model.

LGC now runs more than 400 virtual servers for more than 50 applications including critical production systems such as Lanka Gate and its components, e-Services, e-Civil Registry, e-State Land Information Management System and e-Local Government. Government organizations have several benefits such as high availability, security, cost effectiveness, flexibility and easy implementation by leveraging on LGC. Therefore, the demand has been increased.

In Essence

Lanka Government Cloud (LGC) was implemented with the primary objective of providing reliable, secure and cost effective infrastructure services. LGC is a blade-server based hardware infrastructure with virtualization capabilities with high hardware level redundancy.

Government organizations can leverage on LGC rather than investing on servers and server rooms/data centers.

  • Provide reliable and secure infrastructure facilities for the Lanka Gate and its components.
  • Provide reliable, secure, cost-effective and flexible infrastructure facilities for e-Government applications.
  • Facilitate the government to adopt cloud technologies and thereby increase the success rate of e-Government applications.
  • More than 400 virtual servers
  • 50+ different applications
  • 20+ government organizations