Lanka Government Network 2.0 (LGN 2.0)

Aligned with the National Policy of ‘Digitization of Economy’, ICTA implements several initiatives to provide efficient and effective services to the citizens and businesses. Improving and developing the digital infrastructure of Sri Lanka is one of the key initiatives undertaken by ICTA towards achieving the above objective. In order to transform Sri Lanka towards a digitally empowered society, ICTA has introduced some revolutionary technologies, LGN is a strategic project of Re-Engineering Government program launched by the ICTA.

The government of Sri Lanka has recognized the need for a digital economy and has taken measures to digitalize the administration in order to successfully face future economic and social challenges.
Lanka Government Network version 2.0 (LGN 2.0) is a Wide Area Computer Network which is the highly available, secure and reliable and dedicated underlying information infrastructure backbone that aims to connect all the government organizations of GOSL in a cost-effective and secure manner to provide centralized Internet, Email and video conferencing services, Enable access to Lanka Government Cloud (LGC) services from any government organization. Also, it’s provide number of government eservices and Provide trusted and secure connectivity to other government organizations to exchange government data through this network.

By successfully deploying the LGN project, ICTA aims at encouraging public sector employees to get better acquainted with Information and Communication Technology (ICT), assuring efficiency and smooth flow of information as well as improving standards of service in the public sector to be able to provide efficient citizen services.




  • To establish a dedicated digital infrastructure to government in order for share  information and
    provide digital content and electronic services to general public.
  • To provide high speed Wide Area Network connectivity to 860 government locations to connect with LGN
    main backbone.
  • To provide Wi-Fi facility to access government services for employees and for citizens as well.
  • To facilitate the government organizations to utilize this LGN network for effective and efficient
    service delivery
  • To merge existing network infrastructure of each government organization into LGN network where if
  • To provide uninterrupted, reliable and fast Internet connectivity to the government organizations.
  • To provide trusted and secure connectivity to other government organizations to exchange government

To formulate policies, operating procedures and guidelines to assure the security of the network to align with industry best practices, the proposed LGN 2.0 initiative offers up to 100 Mbps last mile connectivity for all government location through fiber optic media. Also from this network ICTA intends to build their Local area network with providing Wi-Fi facilities with enabling cross government dedicated network in Sri Lanka.

In Essence

Lanka Government Network 2.0 (LGN 2.0) is the high-speed underlying information infrastructure which is:

  • highly available (works 99.99% of the time)
  • secure (free from virus and hacking, encrypted)
  • reliable (consistent performance)
  • Established government network with 2Mbps to 100Mbps last mile connectivity to each government organizations including post offices.
  • Established wireless networks at each government location.
  • Enabled access to unlimited Hi-Speed secure Internet facility for government organizations
  • Enabled access to Lanka Government Cloud (LGC) services from any government organization
  • Enabling of  integration with existing networks in GoSL with LGN in a secure manner
  • Offer a better and cost effective communication platform to use with cloud based email facility, G2G IP based voice facility and video communication facility
  • Offer relevant ICT training facilities to government officers through Capacity Building project

Connectivity and LGN 2.0 facilities provided to total of 3500 government organizations by end of year 2017.

Current status
•    860 sites already selected.
•    ICTA started the site survey.
•    Project Steering Committee has already appointed.
•    Success fully completed 90% of site survey for LGN 2.0
•    Implementation of LGN 2.0 is ongoing
•    User Acceptance testing (UAT) is successfully started by ICTA team for 50 pilot  sites.

Project Kick-off : Lanka Government Network 2.0

ICTA and Sri Lanka Telecom officially sign the contract on 23rd Feb 2017 at Ministry of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure of Sri Lanka


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LGN 2.0 -Pilot 50 Sites and LGN Core
# Category District Organization Name Initial BW Allocation
1 Other Colombo LGN – NOC 50 Mbps
2 MIN Colombo Ministry of Education 50 Mbps
3 MIN Colombo Ministry of Finance 50 Mbps
4 MIN Colombo Ministry of Foreign Affairs 10 Mbps
5 MIN Colombo Ministry of Higher Education and Highways 20 Mbps
6 MIN Colombo Ministry of Home Affairs 50 Mbps
7 MIN Colombo Ministry of Local Government and Provincial Councils 20 Mbps
8 DEPT Kandy Department of Agriculture 10 Mbps
9 DEPT Colombo Department of Auditor General 10 Mbps
10 DEPT Colombo Department of Census and Statistics 10 Mbps
11 DEPT Colombo Department of Commerece 10 Mbps
12 DEPT Colombo Department of Examinations 10 Mbps
13 DEPT Colombo Department of Forests Conservation 10 Mbps
14 DEPT Colombo Department of Immigration and Emigration 10 Mbps
15 DEPT Colombo Department of Import and Export Control 10 Mbps
16 DEPT Colombo Department of Inland Revenue 10 Mbps
17 DEPT Colombo Department of Meteorology 10 Mbps
18 DEPT Colombo Department of Police 10 Mbps
19 DEPT Colombo Department of Post 10 Mbps
20 DEPT Colombo Department of Prison 10 Mbps
21 DEPT Colombo Department of Registrar Generals 10 Mbps
22 DEPT Colombo Department of Registrar of Companies 10 Mbps
23 DEPT Colombo Department of Registration of Persons 10 Mbps
24 DEPT Colombo Department of Survey Generals 10 Mbps
25 DEPT Colombo Department of Wildlife conservation 10 Mbps
26 ST_BD Colombo Election Commission of Sri Lanka 10 Mbps
27 ST_BD Colombo Parliament of Sri Lanka 10 Mbps
28 ST_BD Colombo Presidential Secretariat 10 Mbps
29 ST_BD Colombo Prime Minister’s Office 10 Mbps
30 ST_BD Colombo Sri Lanka Customs 10 Mbps
31 DIST Badulla Badulla District Secretariat 2 Mbps
32 DIST Colombo Colombo District Secretariat 2 Mbps
33 DIST Kurunegala Kurunegala District Secretariat 2 Mbps
34 DIST Polonnaruwa Polonnaruwa District Secretariat 2 Mbps
35 DIST Puttalam Puttalam District Secretariat 2 Mbps
36 DS Badulla Badulla Divisional Secretariat 2 Mbps
37 DS Badulla Haldumulla Divisional Secretariat 2 Mbps
38 DS Polonnaruwa Thamankaduwa Divisional Secretariat 2 Mbps
39 DS Kurunegala Galgamuwa Divisional Secretariat 2 Mbps
40 LAND Colombo Colombo Land and District Registry 2 Mbps
41 LAND Colombo Nugegoda Land and District Registry 2 Mbps
42 PRISON Colombo Watareka Prison 2 Mbps
43 PRISON Colombo Welikada Prison 2 Mbps
44 PROV ELG Badulla Badulla Municipal Council 2 Mbps
45 PROV ELG Polonnaruwa Thamankaduwa Pradeshiya Sabha 2 Mbps
46 HEALTH Kurunegala Base Hospital – Galgamuwa 50 Mbps
47 HEALTH Polonnaruwa District General Hospital – Polonnaruwa 50 Mbps
48 HEALTH Colombo National Hospital of Sri Lanka 50 Mbps
49 ERL Colombo Office of the Provincial Commissioner of Motor Traffic – Western Province 2 Mbps
50 Other Colombo ICTA 20 Mbps