Lanka Government Network 2.0 (LGN 2.0)

The ‘Lanka Government Network 2.0’ (LGN 2.0) is the extended and highly enhanced version of government owned private network which is highly available, secure and reliable underlying information infrastructure backbone that aims to connect all the government organizations of Government of Sri Lanka in a cost-effective and secure manner.

The project will be implemented in 4 phases in year 2016;

Q1 2016: 100 Organizations will be connected
Q2 2016: 100 Organizations will be connected
Q3 2016: 360 Organizations will be connected
Q4 2016: 300 Organizations will be connected

by end of 2016, 860 organizations will be provided LGN 2.0 facilities.


  • Establish government network with 100Mbps last mile connectivity to each government organization.
  • Establish wireless networks at each government location
  • Enable access to unlimited Hi-Speed secure Internet facility for government organizations (up to 10Gbps)
  • Enable access to Lanka Government Cloud (LGC) services from any government organization
  • Enabling of integration with existing networks in GoSL with LGN in a secure manner
  • Offer better and cost effective communication platform to use with cloud based email facility, G2G IP based voice facility and video communication facility
  • To provide trusted and secure connectivity to other government organizations to exchange government data.



Achieve the connected government concept by connecting every government organization to a single data backbone to make public services citizen centric and perform cross organizational functionalities electronically. Ensure the accessibility to the LGN network from anywhere in the country via Wi-Fi technology.

In Essence

Lanka Government Network 2.0 (LGN 2.0) is the high-speed underlying information infrastructure which is:

  • highly available (works 99.99% of the time)
  • secure (free from virus and hacking, encrypted)
  • reliable (consistent performance)
  • To provide high speed Wide Area Network (100Mbps) connectivity to government organizations to connect with LGN main backbone
  • To provide Wi-Fi facility to access LGN services and government services for employees and for citizens as well.
  • To establish a common digital infrastructure to government to share information and provide digital content and electronic services to general public

Connectivity and LGN 2.0 facilities provided to total of 3500 government organizations by end of year 2017.