Lanka Government Network (LGN)

The ‘Lanka Government Network’ (LGN) is the government owned private network which is highly available, secure and reliable underlying information infrastructure backbone that aims to connect all the government organizations of Government of Sri Lanka in a cost-effective and secure manner.

The project was implemented in 3 main stages as follows,
Stage I: Provided LGN facilities to 325 government organizations across 13 districts in year 2007-2010)
Stage II: Provided LGN facilities to additional 151 government organizations across 7 districts in year 2010-2012.
Stage III: Provied LGN facilities to additional 74 government organizations across remaining 5 districts in year 2014.

In Essence

Lanka Government Network (LGN) is the underlying information infrastructure which is:

  • highly available (works 99.99% of the time)
  • secure (free from virus and hacking, encrypted)
  • reliable (consistent performance)
  • Provide basic computer equipments necessary to support the operations and connectivity
  • Provide network connectivity (LAN) within the organization
  • Provide inter-connectivity (512Kbps WAN) to all GoSL organizations
  • Provide centrally managed email access (with web based email access) to all GoSL organizations
  • Provide centrally managed Internet access to all GoSL organizations
  • Provide centrally managed trusted secure connection to authorized government agencies
  • Provide centrally managed IP based G2G voice services facility to GoSL organizations

USD 22 Million project

Connectivity and LGN facilities provided to total of 551 government organizations:

  • 48 Ministries
  • 60 Departments
  • 22 Statutory bodies
  • 25 Distrct secretariats
  • 331 Divisional secretariats
  • 9 Provincial chief secretariat offices
  • 36 Provincial ministries
  • 18 Provincial departments