Lanka Government Network Postal Office Connect (LGN P-Connect)

To build highly available, secure and reliable government network to link all post offices to a single digital infrastructure.

The project will be implemented in 200 post offices in year 2016;


  • Establish government network with 100Mbps last mile connectivity to each post office.
  • Establish wireless networks at each post office
  • Enable access to unlimited Hi-Speed secure Internet facility for postal offices (up to 10Gbps)
  • Enable access to Lanka Government Cloud (LGC) services from any post office
  • Offer better and cost effective communication platform to use with cloud based email facility, G2G IP based voice facility and video communication facility to entire postal network
  • To provide trusted and secure connectivity to other government organizations to exchange government data.


Achieve the connected government concept by connecting every government organization to a single data backbone to make public services citizen centric and perform cross organizational functionalities electronically. Ensure the accessibility to the LGN network from anywhere in the country via Wi-Fi technology.

In Essence

Lanka Government Network Postal Office Connect (LGN P-Connect) is the high-speed underlying information infrastructure which is:

  • highly available (works 99.99% of the time)
  • secure (free from virus and hacking, encrypted)
  • reliable (consistent performance)
  • To provide high speed Wide Area Network (100Mbps) connectivity to post offices to connect with LGN main backbone
  • To provide Wi-Fi facility to access LGN services and government services for employees and for citizens as well.
  • To establish a common digital infrastructure to postal network of Sri Lanka to share information and provide digital content and electronic services to general public

Connectivity and LGN P-Connect facilities will be provided to total of 4000 post offices by end of year 2017.