eRevenue License Phase II


The e-Revenue License (eRL) initiative is one of the key initiatives of ICTA which was launched in December, 2009 in Western Province. The eRL Solution was the first connected government service and it was also the first government transactional eService offered to the citizens.

The e-RL solution consists of a centralized web enabled system used by Divisional Secretariats (DS)s to issue license, and an online service (eService) which enables citizens to renew their licenses by themselves.

There are many stakeholder organizations which are connected with this system, such as the Provincial Departments of Motor Traffic, Department of Motor Traffic (DMT), Insurance companies, Emission testing companies, Banks and financial organizations etc., that provide connected services which are essential to the system.

In 2013, ICTA carried out enhancements to the eRL solution and developed it as a centralized solution. ICTA commenced rollout eRL Solution into other provinces in 2014. By now ICTA has successfully rolled out eRL solution in all provinces.

The eRL system holds the revenue license records for all the vehicles running in the country and the system is now running on its fullest capacity. The system runs on outdated technologies which was initiated on year 2009.

Due to this and the current work load, the system performance has become very low. And there is lack of data analytical and forecasting components in the existing eRL system. Furthermore, the stakeholder organizations have requested No of enhancement to the system to cater the vehicle owners in more efficient and effective manner.


I. Re-Design and develop Phase II of the eRL solution integrating all relevant stakeholders.
II. Secured data sharing with other relevant organizations
III. Develop with more features especially with data analytics component and reporting.

In Essence

Current eRL solution was developed in year 2009, to implement a centralized revenue license issuance to allow issuing provincial license from any divisional secretariats. And also citizen have facility to renew the revenue license online by paying with credit card from anywhere and anytime. This solution was implemented, to having a centralized management and monitoring of revenue license issuance process and avoiding data duplication and manual data entering


  • Provincial Departments of Motor Traffic
  • Department of Motor Traffic (DMT)
  • Insurance companies
  • Emission testing companies
  • Banks
  • Financial organizations

i.    Increased living standards of the citizens.
ii.    Improved efficiency and effectiveness within the government organizations.
iii.    Lower corruption in transactions due to availability of data electronically.
iv.    Improved decision making capacity of the strategic level managers to achieve higher productivity within government organizations.

ICTA in collaboration with other stakeholder organizations is the process of replicating the eRL system in other provinces. By now ICTA has rolled out the eRL solution into all provinces.


Province No of License Issued
Western 860,655
Southern 328,805
Sabaragamuwa 189,114
Central 220,480
North-Western 356,661
Uva 100,687
Northern 69,865
Eastern 179,373
North-Central 63,880