The Government intends to use ICT to improve the reach and responsiveness of public services, reduce transaction costs to business, make government more transparent and accountable, and address the urgent needs of the citizens.

The project

The ‘Scanning and Digitizing of existing Government documents’ project is an initiative which facilitates the digitization and storing of all government documents, in selected government organizations.


With the main objective of digitizing the government and empowering government services, the ICTA has initiated the project ‘Scanning and Digitizing of existing Government documents’. All existing government documents will be scanned, digitized and stored with access control as per government data security policy and privacy laws. Thereby, government institutions will have the capacity to integrate with related stakeholder organizations who may require access to stored documents.

This project will bring out several advantages to the government and citizens:
•    ensure higher efficiency and productivity in government services
•    ensure effective delivery of a satisfying service to the general public
•    eliminate unnecessary expenditure and lower corruption in transactions (due to availability of data electronically).
•    improve the living standards of Sri Lankan citizens
•    improve the quality of government service
•    To improve productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of government organizations by scanning, digitizing and storing existing documents,
•    Provide online access to government documents.
•    Make the digitized material and records available online for reuse on other platforms.
•    Maximize the efficient and effective use of resources to carry out digitization and achieve cost-saving benefits
•    Improve government service to citizens
•    Promote online access to Government information by the public

In Essence

ICTA will facilitate the scanning, digitize and store all government documents related to citizens in selected government organizations. With this project, all the existing government documents will be scan, digitize and store with access control as per government data security policy and privacy laws all government documents related to citizens for organizations.

“Increased Higher efficiency and productivity in the government
Eliminate unnecessary expenditure.
Elimination of misuse of government funds
Lower corruption in transactions due to availability of data electronically
A more satisfied citizen services by the government”

A total of 80 government organizations will be implemented with Cross Government Digital Document System. Project will be implemented in four phases. Phase 1 will cover 20  government organizations.