Scanning eMotoring Documents

The proposed e-Motoring solution will be a comprehensive solution whereby its Document Management System (DMS), one of its key components will digitize existing and new vehicle files to achieve the maximum efficiency and benefits of the system.



To empower the concept of ‘Digital Economy’ by facilitating the implementation of an eMotoring system for easy access of information on vehicle registration, minimize the corruption and enhance the transparency while providing solution for storing files physically.

Project Proposal

The solution will follow the model of ‘Build-Operate and Transfer (BOT) as per the recommendations made by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Management (CCEM) and subsequent approval of the Cabinet of Ministers.
The main component of the project proposal for implementing the eMotoring solution approved by the Department of National Planning is ‘software implementation’. The approach of implementation was changed to adopt BOT model as stated above. Subsequently the DMT, Ministry of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure (MTDI) and ICTA decided to utilize allocated budget for scanning and digitizing a part of the vehicle files and the procurement process was initiated accordingly.
Meanwhile a suggestion was made jointly by Technical Evaluation Committee and Ministry Procurement Committee to scan and digitize all existing files, for which new project proposal was developed by the ICTA with the budget increment in 2017.

In Essence

Scanning documents will be supported to increase the transparency and visibility of the vehicle transaction at DMT and further support for the future system implementations to be more reliable

•    Better control and visibility of motor vehicle files.
•    Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the proposed eMotoring solution by providing documents in digitized format.
•    Improve the transparency of the vehicle transactions.
•    Improved environmental conditions.
•    Improved facilitation for businesses