School ICT Society Initiative

With rapid growth of technologies, the world is broadly consuming innovative technologies in the education sector. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka is adopting and implementing these technologies for the development of school education. This has led to the increase of consumption of digital technologies in schools among students, teachers and education admins.
To uplift the knowledge and enable benefits of ICT technologies to the school community; ICTA, jointly with the MoE (Ministry of Education) has started to develop and empower School ICT societies island wide covering 97 educational zones since year 2016.


•    Uplift the knowledge and enable benefits of Digital Technologies to the school community.


•    Raise awareness through exposure to new digital technologies among the school community
•    Promote Entrepreneurship and inspire them to become innovative industry leaders
•    Encourage research and promote innovation
•    Promoting digital education
•    Strengthen School ICT Societies as a self-sustainable community

In Essence

School ICT Society initiative facilitates to uplift the knowledge and enable benefits of digital technologies to the school community.


ICT Agency, Ministry of Education, Industry Associations, IESL, ISOC, SLASCOM,

•    Assess the existing situation and readiness for digital transformation among the school community
•    Introduce new age technologies and digital education initiatives
•    Engaged with more industry partners
•    Successfully empowered and established more than 300 school ICT societies island wide

•    Distribute a specially designed learning tool kit for all selected schools and ICT Societies
•    Conduct 12 Regional Workshops, Island wide

Organizing the School ICT Society Initiative

MoE in collaboration with ICTA started the school ICT society empowering program in 2016 engaging with industry partners. ICTA facilitates this initiative by organizing a series of workshops focusing school ICT society members, teachers and education administrators. This program has supported more than 1800 students, 450 teachers & 100 education administrators covering more than 10 districts to create awareness and help them build internal capacity on using digital technologies.